Saturday Blog 37

Saturday Blog 37

I got my haircut today. It’s a little shorter than I usually get it but I like it. It’s totally a military cut. My mother is going to fucking flip when she see me. So far I haven’t seen her yet. I need to take a shower to get the excess hair off me before I start itching. I really don’t want to shower but I need to.

My night went okay. I slept pretty good, until about 0640. I woke up in pain so had to take some pain meds. When I woke up, I was still in pain. Found out it was raining so that is the reason for my pain. I hurt every time it rains. I checked the status of my pain meds and found it still wasn’t ready to be picked up. I thought that was kind of odd so called the pharmacy. The pharmacy changed their policy for long term opioid use and needs a damn diagnosis code from the doctor in order to process the order. It’s the damn weekend and they closed early yesterday so I am screwed till Monday. Just fucking great. I still have enough pills to get me through until Monday but still, the aggravation of not getting my pills on time kills me. I also had a bad dream where someone picked up my meds so I was screwed. The terror of this happening was so real it woke me up. I had a mini anxiety attack. But it didn’t happen. I know people where there does happen. And it’s totally the pharmacy’s fault for not giving it to the right person, in my opinion. Now I need to make sure my doc writes down the diagnosis code on my script when I get it filled. I am so angry that I have to wait because of a technicality.

I don’t know if I will be going to the party tonight. It’s at 1800. I hate late parties. If my ankle isn’t better, I am not going. I am not going to stay at a party and put on a “happy” face while I am in pain. Just walking to the barber shop and back hurt, and it was literally just a block and a half from my house. I hate not being able to walk this distance without pain.

My Amazon stuff that I ordered came in. I have my Combos snacks, a couple of movies, and a couple of books. One is the Outsiders which I haven’t read since I was a kid. I love the movie and the book. I love all of S.E. Hinton’s books. I follow her on Twitter, too. She is an amazing person. But before I can read this new book, I have to finish the other book I started on the Civil War.

I bought a book about suicide risk management. I bought it because it has the paper that I wanted by someone and now I can’t remember what the paper or the author was called. Looking through the chapters didn’t jog my memory. I will have to read the last paper I read and see if that stirs up the memory. I got it cheap, only $5 and it was the last copy on Amazon.

After the attack on that Planned Parenthood place, I really don’t think America has to worry about outside terrorists. They just have to worry about its own citizens causing the terror and shooting up places. And the more that nothing gets done about these attacks, the more it’s going to get the Americans jaded to it as it’s becoming more common than not. Aliens have nothing to do with the American people. They are just gun loving. They also don’t seek power like the aliens do. They just shoot up a place and then usually die by cop. I really think it’s going to take a senator or congressperson’s son or daughter to get killed in these attacks in order for change to occur. Until then, it’s going to happen randomly across America. I know I will stay home more because as much as I am suicidal, that is not how I want to go.

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  1. that attack on the parenthood clinic was senseless. Its so unfair. My dad said that guy looked like he was a bit nuts by the look in his eyes. I hope you enjoyed the party if you went. XX


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