terrible sleep

Terrible Sleep

I woke up around 2 hours ago because my arm was having side effects of the abilify. I took some Ativan and then went to sleep. It was not a good sleep. I had a very strange dream where my sister was spraying me with this god awful perfume, my niece decided she wasn’t going to do anything on Tuesdays, even if it meant that something was due on that day, and things have been stolen from this event that I was participating in. It was just very strange.

So now I am up and feel sick to my stomach. I don’t think the pork chops that I had last night are agreeing with me. I used to like pork but lately, my system just doesn’t care for it. I hope I don’t puke because I hate puking. I just have a very unsettled stomach. I want to eat something but I am afraid it will make my stomach worse.

Both of my ears are itchy as hell. I have eczema in both ears and it flares up sometimes. I should have put the medicine in my ear before I started scratching but now it’s too late. I have to wait until my ear heals because I caused some bleeding. I hate when I scratch so badly, I bleed.

I think I am going to make some coffee. I won’t be making the Kona coffee I had yesterday. It was too strong for me, though it tasted awesome. I will make my Brazil coffee that I love. I hope I make it right this time because last time it was too rich. I couldn’t drink it all. I got to get a some more Pike coffee or breakfast blend. It’s my go to when I don’t feel like have the specialty coffees. I haven’t decided what I am going to do after I had coffee. I hope it wakes me up and doesn’t bother my stomach. Maybe I will just have hot chocolate instead. I should have a cup of tea to settle my stomach but I don’t feel like it. So coffee it is! Now if only I can get out of bed, that would be wonderful…

any thoughts?

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