Random 344

I took a tumble while leaving the hospital. I scraped my knee but I don’t think I did anything to it. I am sure I am going to be sore tomorrow. While I was in the hospital, my Achilles flared up on me. It seems to be getting worse and the lump isn’t going away. When I see the NP Friday I am going to tell her about it. The pain is so bad that my pain meds aren’t touching it.

I am glad to be home. My mother welcomed me home with “I’m glad I have my roommate back”. Nice, thanks Ma. She is making spareribs and I stole some BBQ sauce from my sister’s apartment. She was going to use ketchup and I wasn’t going to have it. I would have gone to the store and get the sauce if my sister didn’t have any.

I am having a better day today than I did yesterday, other than being in pain. I am really tired as I woke up at 0330 again with birds chirping. I also had to pee and get a pain med because my ankle was smarting. My right was hurting more than my left so I needed something. I am worried that something is wrong with my Achilles. It seems the lump is still the same, it hasn’t changed but now it’s really painful. Soon as I came home I took two pain pills. I might be knocked out but I don’t care. I am home and I have nothing else to do today except eat spareribs.

I am glad I am writing my blog on my laptop. I missed writing on it. When I feel up to it, I am going to type up what I wrote in the hospital about my father’s demise. I think once I have it in a word doc, things might be a little easier because it won’t be so black and white.

I have my appointment with my therapist tomorrow. I really wanted to talk to her at least once this week. I realized over the weekend, this was the first hospitalization that I didn’t write her any letters. I usually write her a couple while inpatient. I hope she won’t be disappointed.

any thoughts?

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