Sleepy Morning

Sleepy Morning

I slept at least seven hours last night and no dreams! I was happy that I didn’t have any dreams when I woke up this morning or if I did, I don’t remember them. I do want coffee and am debating going to Starbucks early to get it. I just missed the 0900 bus so I need to wait an hour for the next one. I could make coffee at home but I will be going to the Square and really want the vanilla sweet cream. I think I am going to get a venti today as I need more coffee to keep me awake. I just hope it doesn’t give me the jitters.

I am nervous about my upcoming appointment with the ankle doc. Something I didn’t think about was the possibility of being put in a brace to prevent further damage to my ankle. It could happen. I am starting to have a collection of braces and boots. Why not have one more? The ones I do have are for my left foot so I am not sure they would fit my right. If I have to get one, I hope that it’s not a full leg one. Those suck and I definitely won’t be able to drive to see my therapist in a couple weeks.

It’s really windy today. I hope it’s not cold. I don’t want to wear jeans if I don’t have to. I rather wear shorts because it will be easier for the doc to exam my ankle without me having to roll up my jeans. It’s supposed to be in the 60s later today. I will wear a sweater just in case it is cold.

Even though I just woke up, I am still tired. I want to go back to sleep but I am afraid that if I do, I will then feel groggy for the rest of the day. Think I will take the 1000 bus so I can have some breakfast and coffee.

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