Cold June Day

Cold June Day

The temperature never got above 60 degrees today and the wind made it feel colder than that. The house is cold so I had to put on my winter PJs and a long sleeved t-shirt. I am glad I wore a sweater when I went to the docs because it was chilly. I still wore shorts, which wasn’t too bad.

The doc said all I need is physical therapy. Something about exo-something exercises. I remembered the word when I left the office. Now I forgot it. He says it could be weeks to months to get better. Wonderful. The story of my life! I have to get something complicated. Can’t be something easily fixed. Now the question is where the fuck do I go for therapy? If I go to SRH I have to fax the prescription before they’ll even call me to set up an appointment. There is the place I went to 10 years ago but I don’t know if they are still there.

I figured out how I missed a day of blogging, but not really. I published something 5 minutes past midnight on the 25th so that means I was working on a blog but didn’t publish it in time. Think I am going to change the time so there is a blog for that day. Otherwise, I got to start over and that just isn’t sitting well with me.

My ankles are hurting me from all the poking and manipulating the doc did. My left is hurting me more than my right. My feet are also feeling really cold so I put on some thermal socks. I am very tired as I left the house early this morning and didn’t come home till around 1600. It’s been a long day. I had my iced coffee. I changed it up a little. I added mocha to it, which I will never to again. It just made the coffee really bitter. I couldn’t finish drinking the whole thing because my bladder was full. I must have drank ¾ of it.

My sister called me wanting to go out to lunch Saturday. She is working and I almost asked her if she was going over my father’s after work. I had to bite my tongue. It just sent off a wave of grief. She decided to have burgers at home as my other sister brought some from her work. I have been meaning to have a burger. Wendy’s has been advertising a mozzarella and bacon burger. I am so glad I don’t own a car because I would be going to Wendy’s every time their commercial came on TV or the radio or the internet. I like Wendy’s more than I like McDonalds or Burger King. I usually just eat their chicken sandwiches but every now and then I will have their burgers. I am such a carnivore.

I texted my therapist that I didn’t need a brace or surgery for my ankle. I told her I should just seriously look into hiring a personal physical therapist that is trained in the ankles and back. I doubt I would be able to find a girlfriend that is one. That would be kind of awesome. I just worry that the stress of putting my weight on my left ankle is going to give me more pain. I have to seriously weigh this out, which is why I want someone that is willing to work with me as this isn’t just a simple case of Achilles tendonosis. Well, it is. Except I don’t have a healthy opposite ankle to work with. I am going to look up the exercises. Maybe I can do them at home. He did show me one while in the office that I am going to try out. He did say that the lump will always be there. I just need to strengthen the tendon so it’s not so “stringy”.

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