Too Hot Sunday

Too Hot Sunday

The temps are above 90 degrees so of course my AC decides it isn’t going to cool things off. Not that I blame it. It has been running non-stop for weeks now and I think it just gave up. It’s still blowing cool air but my room should be ice cold and it’s not. It’s in the 80 degree range, much too warm. I doubt I will be able to find an AC in the store at this time in the season. Just lovely. Another expense that I wish I didn’t have to have. My room is muggy and I hate it. It’s worse in the house. Amazon is awesome. I found my new AC so I will get it when my next pay period comes. I know that is the end of August but beats having an AC that sucks. I just opened the panel for the filter and it’s all full of ice. That would explain why I hear cracking noises and stuff. I shut it off to let it dry out. I have some paper towels underneath it so when it melts it won’t make a huge mess. Least I am hoping it won’t.

I listened to ball game and fell asleep when they were 9-0. I woke up and the score was 16-1. Final score was 16-2. I couldn’t stay awake because I was so tired. I had my coffee and it didn’t keep me awake. I don’t think the heat is helping. I had a couple of hot dogs for lunch and that has been it. I am not really hungry for anything else and it’s too hot to cook.

I really wanted to do some reading today but it’s close to being bed time now. I feel so lazy. I did fill my pill box for the week. I feel like I accomplished something.

I emailed my psychiatrist but she hasn’t responded, yet. I will try and page her tomorrow when she is back. I hope she calls in my meds. I hate to run out of them. 

2 thoughts on “Too Hot Sunday

  1. When my AC did that, the service dude asked me had I left it running continuously for a long time, and I had, so he said that causes ice to build up on the fins and that stops the refrigerant from working. So he said to turn it off for four hours. FOR HOURS IN THE 104° HEAT???? So I did, and went to a coffee shop, came back, turned it back on, went back to the coffee shop while it cooled everything off nicely. And the tech told me this on the phone, didn’t come over, no charge. So now I pass this wisdom on to you, no charge 😉 Hope it works

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