taking a friend’s advice and other things

Taking a friend’s advice and other things

A dear friend of mine said to let the AC rest for four hours and then turn it back on. So I turned it off and I am sweating my ass off while it’s resting. It’s after midnight and I can’t sleep despite putting on the white noise thingy that I use for sleep. I have been dependent on the AC noise for so long that I had no idea it was part of my sleep routine. I can’t sleep in dead silence. It’s too creepy.

My foot pain acted up an hour or so ago. I have been really bad on drinking today despite the heat so I had some almond milk that had the necessary salts that I needed. I still have a headache but I think that is because I am in a very warm, humid room. I hope I am not up for the next four hours but I might be. There is no point in leaving my room as it’s hotter in my house than my room, unfortunately. I still plan on getting a new AC unit next week because I think it will help my electricity bill. The unit I have now just sucks electricity really bad. It’s at least 5-6 years old. Only trouble I have will be getting the new sucker to my room. It’s 50 lbs so there is no way I can carry it up two flights of stairs. I will have to have my brother in law install it for me.

I have thought about watching a movie. Sadly, what I want to watch ends on a teary note so I don’t want to cry at the end. I could watch Titanic as I have seen it a million times but it’s so damn long and I am afraid I don’t have the patience to watch it, not while I am hot and cranky.

Yesterday would have been the perfect day to end my life if I had any brains. The temp was nice and cool. I have been thinking a lot about how to do this. I think I will leave a letter in my wallet that says what to do if I am found. I don’t want heroic measures. But I feel that I should at least leave a contact information with whoever finds me so they know who to call.

any thoughts?

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