College Football Week 1 and other things

College Football week 1 and other things

My Buckeyes did not disappoint! They are currently leading 70-10 and the game isn’t over yet! My only regret is that the game was not on a station that I could watch. *sad face*. The Nebraska game isn’t on until 8. Final score was 77-10. It’s the highest scoring home opener game in the team’s history. Go Bucks!!

I woke up with a headache and did not want to get out of bed. Then my crazy cousin kept calling me around noon so I got up. I was hungry so I had some pop tarts and made coffee. For some reason, it didn’t come out right. I drank half of it then made a bologna sandwich. I really wanted a steak and cheese but I am kind of running low on cash. My friend south of Boston invited me to go out to see her son perform and to have some donation thing for his school. So I need some money for that. I am trying my best to be budget wise this month.

A fellow blogger friend posted a blog about the importance of treating chronic pain. I couldn’t agree more with the article but unfortunately, addicts are making it wicked hard for those with chronic pain to be treated and we are left with “pain won’t kill you”. In my case, it most certainly will. There will be more suicides if pain is not treated, I can guarantee that. If you think the suicide rate is high now, just take away pain meds for us folks with chronic pain and see how high the numbers will be.

The other day when I picked up my prescription for the trilafon, I happened to notice the price without insurance. It was around $75 for 60 pills. I find this amazing because when I didn’t have insurance, the most I paid was around maybe $15, and this is generic. Big Pharma is really screwing the companies.

I have been really lazy today. I wanted to change my sheets, or at least attempt it. But things are still on my bed and I am sneezing my head off. My mother has most of the windows open in the house because she is washing the curtains. I am dying with the pollen. I am still in a rotten mood from the events of this week. But it’s September and my mood naturally drops every year at this time. It’s the close of baseball season and I always get into a depression. I also wanted to shower but I don’t think that will be happening. Foot is still hurting. I woke up in pain and my day just sucked from that point on.

I was thinking about what to write for my book but I still haven’t written anything. I might have to sit at Starbucks next week and write something. I can’t seem to have the concentration when I am at home.

any thoughts?

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