My appointments today

My appointments today

I met with my psychiatrist. She spoke with the NP and explained the situation. I was grateful because I was really nervous. We also talked about how I have been doing which just centered on my pain levels. I told her I had been baking but it costs me every time I do it. Then we talked about how I am using the trilafon and I told her. She didn’t like it but I told her it works for me. I see her in two weeks.

I had 45 minutes before my next appointment. I just found a seat by the elevators and wrote in my journal. I brought a book for me to read but I was too nervous. Time came for the appointment and I went upstairs. I had to wait at least a half hour for the NP. She is never on time. She started off by saying I had a very caring psychiatrist, which I do. We talked about what to do about my pain and I bluntly said that I just wanted this and that. Surprisingly, I got it. She wanted me to go to the pain clinic but I told them they just wanted injections or infusions and I wasn’t for it. I didn’t want to see anymore doctors. I told her I thought I was under medicated and if I had the right amount of meds, maybe that would work. She haggled over the Tylenol levels and I was getting bullshit. She wanted me to try another drug. I don’t want to try another drug. Just give me two more pills of my regular pain pills and I will be happy. What is so hard about this? UGH. She worked it out as to how many pills to order. I could have told her but I didn’t want to be a smartass. Eventually she figured it out after calculating it on paper. She didn’t change the fucking order though, so I am still taking 1 pill every 4 hours now instead of 6. I told her I take 2 in the morning 2 at bedtime and then 2 when all hell breaks loose. She understands this but, dammit, didn’t write it that way. I am so frustrated.

I luckily got my strong pain pills and regular pain pills on separate sheets of paper. Monday I will fill the strong pain pills because I know the pharmacy will provide a stink about it and have to call the office to confirm they know what they are doing, even though it’s the same provider and office that are prescribing me the meds. So annoying.

I came home and was exhausted. I also needed to pee before my bladder exploded so I went to the bathroom first before going to my room. I bought some ice cream at the pharmacy and had some before going upstairs. Now I just ordered a burger and onion rings because I am in too much pain to go to the basement freezer to get pizza. I will have that tomorrow. I just hope I can find my sister’s pizza stone so I can cook it on that. Of all the gadgets my mother buys, she doesn’t have a pizza stone.

This morning when I went back to sleep after showering, I had a dream about my father. Then the damn alarm went off. I was so pissed. I miss that fucker so much. He looked good in the dream, not like the way I last saw him. He was wearing a button down shirt and of course his dress pants. I wanted to talk to him so bad but I woke up before I could do. He was demanding in the dream like he always was in real life. I guess there are some things you can’t change.

any thoughts?

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