rough night of sleeping

Rough night of sleeping

I didn’t have a good sleep last night. I was up every few fricken hours. I wasn’t in pain or anything, I just kept waking up. I finally gave up around 0600. I just made coffee so that I can wake up without being cranky. I hate it when I don’t sleep through the night.

I need to empty my recycles today. I have two bins full. Actually, it’s my recycle bin and my trash can. I have been lazy to empty it because I don’t want to cause myself pain by going down to the first floor. My ankle is kind of sore today because I made the coffee. I haven’t made breakfast yet. I need to make the bacon I bought or it’s going to go bad. I love bacon sandwiches. And I finally got a good multigrain bread that I like so it will be a super sandwich.

I don’t know why I was so restless last night. I kept tossing and turning as well as putting my foot out of the covers and then putting them back in. I have the ceiling fan going but I am not cold despite it being 30 degrees outside. It was cold in the kitchen though. That is because we have minimal insulation. I had to put my slippers on because I knew the floor would be cold as ice. I didn’t eat anything because I am not that hungry right now.

I sent my psychiatrist the article I plan on writing about later today. I thought about going to Starbucks but seeing as I am drinking coffee, I don’t think I will make the trip out there. I might change my mind later, but I really doubt it. I do have to go to Walgreens to pick up my prescription. The NP was supposed to send my script to the mail order company and instead sent it to Walgreens. So instead of getting a 90 day supply, I only get a 2 month supply. I am very annoyed as I specifically told her to send it to CVS. UGH.

I finally bought my favorite ice cream at Walgreens yesterday when I picked up my meds. I was craving the ice cream called Drumsticks. It’s an ice cream cone with vanilla and then topped with chocolate and nuts. It’s so good. I was going to order it on my grocery order but there wasn’t room in the freezer and I knew if I put it in the downstairs freezer, I would forget about it.

I felt guilty about not texting my therapist about yesterday’s events so I sent her the blog I wrote detailing everything that went on. I then texted her that I was in pain and wanted to cry. Last night despite having my pain meds back, I just couldn’t get comfortable enough to sleep, hence why I was up every few hours, taking my foot in and out the covers. My foot would be hot so I take it out and then would get cold so I would have to put it back under. It was so annoying.

I think I have another cavity on the second to last tooth, next to the one I just got filled. The hot coffee is annoying it and it hurts. Just great. I hope it’s just tooth sensitivity and nothing more. I see the dentist next month for a cleaning. I am sure I will find out then what the problem is. It’s funny because for the first time in 20+ years my psychiatrist asked if I go to the dentist. I was telling her about all the treats I have been making and she want to know about my dental health. She doesn’t know that I don’t brush my teeth often. Mostly it’s because I am an airhead and I forget but lately I have been avoiding it because of pain standing.

I hate it when I drink coffee and then feel drowsy. I am going back to sleep. Will write more later.

any thoughts?

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