Saturday Blog 70

Saturday Blog 70

I got up and did some shopping for a cake that I want to make for Thanksgiving. I wanted to get some salsa and chips but they didn’t have the kind of salsa I wanted so I didn’t get anything but the ingredients for the cake. I will probably make the cake Tuesday and I think my mother will be baking Wednesday.

I came home with the task of still needing to make a path to clear to get my AC out of the window. I thought I could take it out myself but the window wouldn’t budge. I’ll have to leave it to my brother in law now. He is going to take it out tomorrow.

I was able to get a soy latte after I did the grocery shopping. That gave me energy but no motivation to do anything. Both my college football teams won when I came home. It was nerve racking watching the OSU game. Last year they played the same team and won with a hail Mary field goal attempt. It was the first game OSU lost and I was disappointed.

I’m watching my niece today. We are having pizza and then watching a movie. I told my sister that I work for pizza. No pizza, no services. She laughed. It should be a good night. I love hanging with my niece. She is 11 and is the youngest. I like to spend as much time with her as possible until she becomes a teen and then I won’t see her.

Pain levels are manageable for right now. I was just going to wear sneakers to go to the store but decided it would be better to wear the brace. If I wore my sneakers, I would have to bring my cane and that sucks when you are shopping.

I found out bad news when I came home from shopping and checked Facebook. Two of my friends lost their furry companions today. I feel so sad for them. One was an older dog who I think just died of old age. The other died of bone cancer. He was diagnosed a couple months ago and was only given a short time to live. I feel bad about this because my friend has an autistic son and they bonded pretty well. When their other dog died, the son really didn’t know what was going on. They have since gotten another puppy that is really cute. I hope he fills the void a little bit for them.

Yesterday when I saw my psychiatrist, I asked her for a refill for Zoloft. I saw her send it to Walgreens but the stupid computer system decided to send it to two pharmacies. I now have one at Walgreens, which I picked up today, and then one at CVS, which will be sent to me after the 8th of Dec. Stupid system. I’d rather have a good supply of meds now because in January, I am going to have to start paying for my meds again until June.

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