Pain and dealing with a moron

Pain and dealing with a moron

My ankle decided to act up around 2330 because I wanted to lie down and god forbid, sleep. I called UNCLE but it still said fuck you. I just took another dose of pain meds so I am hoping to say fuck you back. I am not surprised I am in pain after the day that I had. I would be surprised if I wasn’t in pain. I am listening to music so that is helping the anxiety that accompanies my pain.

I posted a post in my CES group about wanting advice about what to do with having urinary problems due to possible medication and pain. I got this moron that thought that my pain medication and something else was the reason of my urinary problems. He also was confused about urodynamic testing and when I pointed this out to him, he said that you just pee out of your ass. I had enough of his antics and put a stop to the conversation, because the next step was to kick him out of the group. I can’t deal with people that don’t know basic anatomy.

Meds are making me very drowsy but the fucking pain is keeping me from slumber. Didn’t help matters that because of my nerve injury, I didn’t know that I was scratching myself in my anal area to the point of bleeding. I immediately cut my nails down because that is the last thing I need. I can’t believe how stupid I was doing something like this. Now I am in pain in that area and because of the inflamed nerves, I don’t know how long that is going to last. I really hope I don’t have a bowel movement because the last thing I need is an infection there.

In other pain news, my right Achilles is flared up. Every time I walk it hurts. I really need to do those exercises I got from the internet to help ease the pain. Some ice would probably help too but I am too tired to get the ice pack. I will ice it tomorrow. It’s probably hurting because of all I did today too. I just can’t fucking win with my damn ankles.

For some reason, I am getting hungry. I really don’t want to trek downstairs again. I ordered some cheese and crackers on my next online grocery order. I will have them up in my room so the mice can’t get at them but I can. Would love to get some cheese whiz and crackers but I don’t have the space for all that stuff. My night stand is already crammed with junk. I really need to go through it and clear it off. But I’m afraid that once I start moving stuff, I will cause a domino effect and things will fall where I don’t want them to.

I want to share this picture that someone posted on Facebook about Chronic pain. I love it. If you suffer from chronic ailments, I am sure you will find it true as well.


2 thoughts on “Pain and dealing with a moron

  1. Sorry I forgot not all my readers can see
    It says:
    Pain is about waiting
    Waiting for it to stop
    Waiting for medication to work
    Waiting to see a doctor
    Waiting for others to believe you
    Waiting for the future cure
    People in pain…wait

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