Saturday Blog 72

Saturday Blog 72

I was up till 0130 talking to a friend while my ankle was throbbing up a storm. I woke up around 7ish with my foot hurting so took some more pain meds. I was asleep most of the day. Then my mother called me around 1330 saying to call my sister. Why my sister didn’t call me, I have no clue. She had already texted me. Then when I did call her she went off on me. I felt like hanging up on her. She wanted me to babysit. I reluctantly agreed, though I really didn’t want to. I still am not feeling great and my ankle/foot is still hurting me because of the lovely snow storm we are having. Once I was able to turn on my damn desk lamp, I took some more pain meds. My niece doesn’t really need to be “watched” just needs company.

I was hungry as I had not eaten anything all day and the thought of going back to my diet wasn’t appealing. Not when my pain was a 12. I needed real food so I ordered a sub and fries. I didn’t feel like making anything. I had a yogurt while I waited for my food to be delivered.

I still have a couple hours before I have to go downstairs to watch my niece. I took a nap and then it was time to go downstairs. My foot is still hurting me but I didn’t take any medication, least for now. The snow has accumulated quite a bit and it’s still snowing. I don’t think it’s going to stop until tomorrow evening or at least sometime tomorrow. I should have woken up sooner so I could have gone to the post office this morning but that wasn’t happening. I’ll just go Monday.

My sister just called and said some roads are really bad because they aren’t plowed but the city roads are okay. Figures. I just hope she stays safe in this weather. If it was me, I wouldn’t have ventured out. I hate driving in the snow.

any thoughts?

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