Random 901

Random 901

I went to the Square and had my Starbucks. I also had a protein bar with my espresso. I didn’t have any protein drinks but I am trying to be good today. I wrote in my journal for about an hour before I had to leave to go to my psychiatrist’s appointment. I had to go to the bathroom by the time I got there. Unfortunately, the disabled stall was taken so I had to use a regular one. I almost fell off the toilet as I sat down because I forgot how low they are. I hate using a regular stall but my bladder couldn’t wait.

I had about fifteen minutes before my appointment and my psychiatrist wasn’t on time, as usual. I didn’t mind waiting. It gave me some time to prepare what I had to say. She got me from the waiting room and told me she was shocked I was still in one piece. I told her my ankle is still sleeping, though I had a few slips today as the sidewalks were a little icy. Luckily, I didn’t fall. We talked about the week and the letter I wrote her. I wasn’t in a good mood all week and said I was suicidal again. She wanted me to consider the hospital but I can’t go in because I have babysitting duties next week. She wanted to know what to do to help me and I guess I just said, increased contact so we are meeting next Friday.

After the appointment, I caught the bus home and went to the grocery store to buy a cake for the party tonight. The selections weren’t that great so I chose a small cake. My sister didn’t like it but oh well. No one really eats cake anyways and she had an ice cream cake so the two should be plenty. I then went to Walgreens to do an errand for my mother. On the way home, the handles on the bags broke. Wonderful. I had to carry the bags carefully before they really ripped. By the time I made it up to my room my ankle had enough of me walking all over the place. It flared up so now I am stuck in my room.

My mother made mac and cheese for dinner and I had some. My ankle didn’t like me going downstairs but I was hungry as all I had to eat was that protein bar earlier in the day. Then it was giving me fits as I tried to hobble around the kitchen. I just came back to my room and will be staying here until the pain lessens. I already took my pain meds so I will be taking a nap soon. I need one.

I decided not to go to the post office today because I had to do all these errands and go to my appointment. I will go tomorrow if I am feeling okay. If not, there is always next week. I also need to buy more mailers. I meant to do that today and forgot. I like the ones from the Post office because they are sturdy and weigh less than the ones at the store. Plus it’s the perfect size for my book.

any thoughts?

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