Random 630

Random 630

I did some errands today. I took a shower this morning. I didn’t go to the Square because I made coffee at home. I didn’t feel like making my way there anyways. I was still tired and I didn’t want to stress my ankle so just did the errands close to home.

My sister went to the pharmacy last night for me to pick up my prescriptions. I couldn’t go because I was hurting too bad and still trying to catch up on sleep from being up 20 hours the day before. I still am hurting now that I did everything, including making my mother dinner. I also made another cup of coffee because I didn’t want to nap. The coffee took away my hunger so I haven’t had dinner yet. I might order Chinese or I just cook the hot dogs that I took out. I haven’t really decided. I probably will when I get hungry.

I read some Dostoevsky. I am still trying to work through Brothers Karamazov. It’s been more than a year that I have been reading this book. It just seems to go on forever and because it’s a Kindle version, I really have no idea how much is left on this stupid book. I have to go by chapters and look them up online to see where I am. I have about 20+ chapters to go. I am getting there but it’s difficult because some chapters are long and some are short, and others are just like “where the fuck is he going with this”??? During my father’s illness, I had stopped reading altogether and with the depression being bad, there was nothing I could do. I fell so behind in my reading that my challenge was pathetic and I had to decrease it by the end of the year. This year it won’t matter, though I signed up for one anyways.

Other than the pain that I am in now, overall it hasn’t been that bad today. My ankle has swelled up. But there is nothing I can do about that. Icing it just makes the pain worse after I take it off. Pain is manageable now. I don’t know if that will change in the next few hours. I hope not. I really could use a night off of pain.

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