good night out with friends

Good night out with friends

I went out to see my friends south of Boston. We went to the Texas Roadhouse to satisfy my craving for onion blossom and fried pickles. It was really good. We had a good time. My friend’s husband picked me up from the station and I pretty much stayed with him the whole time we were out. It was good talking to him. We exchanged stories of our past times and where we went as a kid and as an adult. He drove me home so I wouldn’t have to take the T. I thought that was nice of him. I told him to call me when he gets home so I know he got home okay.

We fed some ducks and geese but there were a lot of bugs flying around so we didn’t stay too long. My friend drove around the water front and was showing me parts of this and that. I liked being around the water. It was calming. We went to his house so he could have some coffee before taking me home.

When I got to his house, I had to take some pain meds. I had gone most of the day without taking them and was due. Then when I came home, my pain shot up. I thought it was because I was in my AFO too long but it wasn’t. My ankle had swelled up so it’s painful because of that. I made sure to not sit or stand too long while I was out. I guess it didn’t matter. Now I hope I can get to sleep without being up all night because I have therapy tomorrow.

The weather was beautiful out today. I dressed too warmly so was hot most of the time I was out with my friends. I brought a jacket with me but I didn’t need it. I used my new Bluetooth headphones. The first song I played was staticky but then played normally. Then when I got to the station, it became really bad again, cutting out and not playing. I shut it off, waited a few minutes and then turned it back on again. That seemed to clear the problem. I don’t know why I have this problem with Bluetooth devices. I don’t know if it’s the device or my MP3 player app. I might need to find another MP3 player app. My friend is a good tech person so I will ask him. He might know of one.

I like the new Bluetooth that I have but I have to remember to charge it after I use it because it has only an 8 hour battery life of playing. I tried to find out what the stand-by time was and couldn’t find it. Least it charges fairly quickly so I am not waiting forever like I was with my other headphone set.

I just turned off my big light and my ankle screamed bloody murder. Strong pain pill time. I didn’t even wait to consider it like I usually do because sometimes it quiets down on its own. This time, I wasn’t waiting to find out because by the time I wait would be the time the pill would work. It’s been a couple hours since taking my regular pain meds so I can’t take anymore till after midnight. I hope I am not up that late, but I very well could be. SPSM chat is going on right now. I want to join but I always feel like a 3rd rate citizen when I say something. Someone always contradicts what I say or takes it out of context. It’s very rare that I feel comfortable during chat. I will follow along but I just won’t participate.

any thoughts?

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