A tiring Wednesday

I managed to shower today but I was not able to trim my beard. My back has been bad today. I also been wicked tired. I still haven’t been sleeping through the night. I keep waking up because I have to use the bathroom. By the time I finish my business, I am awake and find it hard to get back to sleep, even with a dose of ativan on board. Then when I do go back to sleep, I feel sluggish and tired.

Today I had a wicked bad headache/migraine. Nothing has helped the headache and as tired as I am, I haven’t been able to sleep at all. I tried two times to take a nap and failed. I hope I can sleep tonight.

The thing that is driving me nuts is the urge to pee isn’t there throughout the day yet in the middle of the night it wakes me from a sound sleep. It is so frustrating because I have to use a timer or my med app to remind myself it has been x amount of hours and I need to cath. I’ve been doing that all day. I’m hoping that I can sleep at least six hours straight so I can function.

Tomorrow the physical therapist will be coming. I think I have like 2 more visits with her and then they will stop coming. I got to make sure I am up and awake. She called today to see if I am still MRSA precautions and I told her I was because I haven’t had the third test done to make sure I am negative. I got to talk to my pcp about this. I am hoping he can do the testing to make sure I am not MRSA anymore.

God I am so damn tired. I am going to stop here as I am drifting off. Until next time…

any thoughts?

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