a blah day with headache

A blah day with headache

Past two days I have had a headache that is not going away with Tylenol or motrin. I put a call into the surgeon in case this is something for him to know. I haven’t heard back. I just have been feeling so awful. I am really tired and PT didn’t help at all with energy levels. She had me go up the stairs to increase my endurance. Bitch. I had to stop because I just couldn’t handle the fatigue. She took my heart rate and it was high. No shit. I will be glad when this is over with. I am not sure I will go for outpatient therapy. I don’t think it is really needed but I will let my surgeon decide.

Aside from feeling lousy, I haven’t been able to go to the super market to buy some groceries. I need some stuff badly. I just wish I had someone to take me. I might end up taking a cab next week if I can hold off on things. I want my nephew to help me with the groceries. I don’t know if I can physically do it with how I have been feeling lately.

I think I might be dehydrated as I really haven’t been drinking fluids since I started taking antibiotics. I have been trying to have at least a cup of tea or coffee but I am low on half and half so can’t have coffee. I can have tea. I tend to like it better when I am home. I miss having my espresso. But I am running low on Gatorade so I need to get more. I bought the powder Gatorade which I might make a few bottles of those. I still am having trouble peeing. I cath at least three times a day. This is how I know I am dehydrated because I am not producing that much urine. I am supposed to cath at least 6 times a day but I haven’t been able to do more than four. Today I felt like I had to pee and when I tried to go, nothing came out. I ended up having to cath anyways. I am getting so frustrated with a void here, a cath there. Wish my body would make up its mind as to whether it is going to function or not. And if it isn’t going to function to let me know. I hate this guessing all the time. And trying to figure out how long in between voids/caths. That is something I have been struggling with most of the day. I had to mentally make note because I didn’t want to use an app or timer like I did yesterday. I ended up going before the timer went off by an hour or two so it wasn’t really helpful for me like I was hoping.

I hope the surgeon or his NP gets in touch with me tomorrow because I am tired of feeling yucky. I am going to try and sleep now and hope I succeed.

any thoughts?

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