a Good Friday

A good Friday

I had a pretty good day today despite being in a lot of pain right now. I talked with a friend who is in lockdown at his assisted living center. He nor the other residents of the place are allowed to leave the premises so he walks the corridors to get some exercise. We spent a good hour or so talking, which is the most time I have ever talked with him. Usually it is just a few short minutes so I was glad to converse with him. I told him about my back surgery and the reason why I had to have it done. I felt awkward when I first was cathing telling him but he was understanding when I told him today. He is a really good friend.

The evening I had a zoom meeting with my cousins. It was good to talk to them. It went over the allotted time so I got disconnected but we reconnected a few minutes later. I love my family. We always have fun when we get together, even if it is over the internet. One of my cousins commented on my hair saying that I should keep it long on top and then just buzz the sides and back. HAHAHA That is usually how I have my hair cut but with the virus I haven’t seen my barber in two months. This is the longest I have gone without a haircut.

I have been discharged from occupational therapy. The OT came today to assess whether I had showered okay and that I was using the equipment to get dressed. I really haven’t been getting dressed but will use the things if I need to go out. I haven’t really left my house in a while. I might go out tomorrow just to get some air if there isn’t that much snow on the ground. We are supposed to get at least two inches tonight but I think it will be rain as the temp right now is 45 degrees so unless it drops suddenly, I don’t think we will get snow. I hope not anyways.

I saw a post by the Counting Crows on FB and I had to listen to their music as it has been ages since I last played their music. My favorite album is August and Everything After. For some reason I don’t have the name of the songs just the track number. I keep meaning to change it but it is such a pain to “rename” music as you have to do it individually and to different fields or it won’t save. I don’t know why it didn’t transfer over when I first burned it to my phone. Sometimes the transfer loses information going to devices.

I wanted to shower today but I have been so exhausted that I didn’t want to exert myself by taking one. The OT suggested to take them at night so that I can sleep better but I don’t like taking them at night unless I really have to. I will try and take it tomorrow morning. I asked my sister if she would help me change my sheets tomorrow. She said she would. We’ll see. She is going to the grocery store for me tomorrow. I gave her a list. I hope she can get me the Gatorade that I need. I need that more than coffee.

any thoughts?

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