It’s 0315 and I got Eric Church music on my Brain

It’s 0315 and I got Eric Church music on my Brain

I woke up forty-five minutes ago. I decided to write a blog because it helps me sleep. Now I have Eric Church’s music running in my brain. No matter what, I can’t seem to turn his music off. I have been listening to his album, Mr. Misunderstood, for weeks now. I thought I could listen to something else, like Taylor Swift or Luke Bryan, but I always seem to come back to Church. I don’t know why I am so addicted to his music. Maybe because I can relate to at least three of his songs and the others I just like hearing the beat. His 3 year old song is very cute and my MP3 player seems to like it because it plays it more than the others.

The reason I am up is because of pain. I woke up to my ankle hurting me. I started reading Twitter and there was nothing good to read. Nothing was on Facebook either, though I answered someone’s reply on my support group. There is usually nothing going on during these hours. All I can do is take my pain meds and hope I go back to sleep. I have nothing else to distract me from the pain. I might try reading my book but it’s hard to concentrate when you are in pain. The pain has lessened somewhat so I hope that means I am sleep bound soon.

I had an app on my phone that was for my online grocery ordering. It’s no longer supported so I had to uninstall it. I like it because it beat having to go on my laptop when I thought of something to buy. I am not buying as much as I did last month. I am trying to keep it under $100. But it’s difficult because Stop and Shop is expensive. If they didn’t have my flavor of Powerade, I wouldn’t shop there. I would certainly be screwed though. You would think Lemon-lime would be in stock in most of the stores like Walgreens and Rite-Aid but they don’t have it. I can only get it at Stop and Shop. It saves me time when I order and then I don’t have to lug the stuff up the stairs. The delivery guy does it. I just have to put the things away.

Found out the place that I want to order my Chinese food for Christmas Eve is online. I don’t have to call to place the order. I am so glad because I hate calling on the phone. I still need to get their menu. I was going to get it today but they weren’t open. I will get it next week when I see my neurosurgeon. I like ordering combination plates because it is cheaper than buying things individually. But I didn’t see dinner combos, just lunch and there was no indication that it was served all day.

If it wasn’t so early in the morning, I think I would make coffee. I haven’t had it all week. When I do get up later this morning, I am going to make my Brazil coffee. I want still need to buy another bag of it while it’s still in stock. I can’t let this pass. I also need to see if the liquor store in the Square sells a particular stout I am looking for. It’s a Mexican chocolate stout and is supposed to be really good. I am not really a stout person but I find I like them better than a beer because it doesn’t taste like beer. It’s heavier and richer but I think with the chocolate and other flavors, it won’t be hoppy. It’s very rare that I will drink beer as I am more for hard liquor. When I drink, I want to get drunk, and fast. Plus this stout is like 8.1% alcohol. I hope they have it. It will make me happy.

One thought on “It’s 0315 and I got Eric Church music on my Brain

  1. I am sorry you are still having so much pain and I am praying for good news from your doctors. I had a boss once who was Jewish and always got Chinese food on Christmas. We eat fish on Christmas Eve – I guess it is a Catholic thing. We actually don’t cook on Christmas Day. We stay in our pj’s and relax and eat leftovers. We go to Mass on Christmas Eve. Then on the weekend between Christmas and New Years we will make another nice meal. Usually a pork roast. And then for New Years we usually make cold cut subs, sausages, chips and dip, cheese and crackers, olives etc. Good football food lol. I haven’t had breakfast – now I am starving!!


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