Pain All Day

My back went out sometime this morning because of the damn temperature changes. I have been in agony with every movement. I had to do my father’s meds and the ride over there nearly killed me. It was the first time out in almost a week. The activity exhausted me. But then, I haven’t really had anything to eat today. I had cereal this morning and that has been it. I might have a cereal bar later. I am hoping my pain meds will work to take this pain away so I can at least move without it hurting so damn much.
I got to call my father’s PCP sometime in the next week to see him and to find out when to get his INR restarted. This really screws up my plans to see my therapist before my plans are initiated. Now it doesn’t look like I will see her.

I had therapy today. I told her my plans and the date on which I would do them. She seemed a little more freaked out than I thought she would be. No matter. I have another session with her tomorrow. I really don’t know why I asked for it. I have to babysit tomorrow morning and I don’t want little ears hearing my conversation with her.

After therapy, I tried to snooze and probably would have if my phone wasn’t going off with messages. I had to keep an ear out because I was waiting for my sister to call me. I never got the much needed nap and now I feel like shit. I wanted to make oatmeal pancakes so bad today but I couldn’t with my back the way it is. I don’t think I will be able to make them tomorrow because I am babysitting. It will have to wait until Friday, I guess. I should be better by then and I will have nothing to do.

I have to make some burritos soon before they go to waste. They have been sitting on my counter for at least a month now. Maybe if I feel up to it, I will make my egg burrito. There are two things that I want next week when I get paid. I want to have my roast beef sandwich with onion rings and Chinese food, not in that order. The sandwich I will get after I do my father’s meds next week. The Chinese food will probably be the next day.

My ankle is starting to hurt. Figures it has to join in the fun of bringing me pain. I already took my pain meds so that should kill the pain. My therapist wasn’t too much of a pain in the ass today like I thought she would be. She did want me to tell my psychiatrist and that I am not willing to do. I will end up in the hospital and they don’t help. It will be a waste of fucking time. I am not going back. I did tell her about my financial stress and she says I could have a payment plan with the IRS. I hope so because otherwise, I am fucking screwed. I won’t know the verdict for the next 30 days. I just hope my plan kills me rather than just knocks me out to oblivion.

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