made it out for coffee and pizza

Made it out for coffee and pizza

I woke up in time to catch the next bus to the square, though my uncle saw me at the bus stop and offered me a ride. That was so nice of him. It was really muggy today. There were hardly any seats at Starbucks when I got there. I had a double shot of espresso over ice and then added soy milk. It’s better than spending $4 for a soy latte. My friend told me about this and I have been drinking it when I don’t have my cold brewed coffee. I wanted to read some psych today but I just couldn’t get in the mood to read. I was sitting in an uncomfortable chair so I just decided to write in my journal until the next bus home came.

I got my prescription filled and ran my mother’s errand. She called me on the bus ride home. I wasn’t too hungry when I got home and then I did so I ordered a pizza. I didn’t feel like having it delivered so I just took a walk and picked it up. I was sweating bullets by the time I came back home with the hot pizza. I had two slices and then I was full. I plan on having more tonight for dinner. I can eat pizza the whole day. It’s one of my favorite foods.

I paged my psych to tell her how things are going. I am still waiting to hear back from her. I hope the talk goes well and doesn’t end up with me going to the psych ER. The voices have been fairly under control with taking 8 mg of trilafon. I have been keeping the 4 mg doses apart and it seems to be working well. Sometimes you just got to play a little to know what works. It’s always a trial and error when using psych medications. Thing is, remembering to take it. I took the dose before I left the house because going on the bus and train sometimes causes me to get agitated. It can be a little sedating but I had the coffee so it perked me up.

Baseball game is on tonight. They are playing the Skankees. They suck more than we do so I hope we win. They are playing in NY, which I am sure is more humid than Boston right now. I hope the second half of baseball goes smoothly for my guys. It’s been a rough start but we are still only two games back from 1st place.

I feel like making coffee even though I just had a cup. I try not to have more than one cup of coffee a day because I can get agitated and that is the last thing I need right now. I sometimes will have two cups but only if they are spaced out so not to give me the jitters. I don’t know why I crave a second cup of coffee lately. I am just afraid it will mess with my sleep if I do have it.

My psych got back to me. She is glad she heard from me. She is okay with the 8 mg but would like me to go back down if I can. I really don’t want to because things were pretty scary with just taking the 4 mg.

any thoughts?

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