Do Nothing Sunday

Do Nothing Sunday

I listened to the ballgame today and that is the extent of my activities. I woke up late though I wasn’t intending to. I woke up around 0845 and the next thing I knew it was 1300. I fell back to sleep. I heard my mother get up and that was the last thing I heard before returning to the dream I was dreaming.

Sox won and I am happy because they almost lost it again. They had an 8-3 lead that they squandered. The final score was 8-7. Porcello gets his win and though I usually call him “poorfellow” he is actually the best pitcher next to Wright. They have the most wins on the Sox.

I had to take a shower because I need to leave early tomorrow and I am not sure I am going to wake up early enough. Lately I have been sleeping past 0900 and I need to catch the 0950 bus tomorrow. I am seeing my psych. I hope she will agree to writing me a script for taking the trilafon twice a day but we’ll see what kind of mood I am in. Sometimes I will ask for it if I am in the mood but sometimes I am not. I am not good at getting what I need only because I am afraid to ask.

My left thigh has been killing me most of the day. I woke up with the pain so not sure what I did during the night to cause pain. It’s been another hot day so I didn’t go out. Just making breakfast/lunch in the kitchen was causing me to sweat. It’s so hot in the house. I have been taking my pain meds to ease it but I am afraid it hasn’t been doing much for it. I am not sure if it is nerve pain or what but I just know that I am in pain.

I filled my pill box and realized I needed refills on four meds. I thought about getting them today but I got lazy. I really just didn’t want to go to the store just to work up a sweat. Then I would have to shower. I need to go out tomorrow so will get them then. I don’t need them right away. My blood pressure pills came yesterday so I am good with them. I am so glad the doc sent them to the right pharmacy.

If I am able to leave my house early tomorrow I will bring my psych book to read while I am at Starbucks. I hope to get paid tomorrow but it might not be until Tuesday. Drives me crazy because technically, I am supposed to get paid today but because it is Sunday, the bank is closed. I have just enough funds for an espresso over ice. Whenever I do get paid, I need to get coffee for the house because I am out. I am going to experiment making iced coffee once I get more coffee. I think 3 scoops of coffee to the same amount of water over ice might be perfect. I might have to play with it to get it right.

I really want to see my therapist this week. I am going to try and make it happen. I would like to see her the week of her birthday but I don’t think I can swing it. I got a huge grocery bill to get because my mother wants meat and I want my steak. I decided to get a filet mignon so I can grill it. I plan on marinating it first with the other steaks that I bought. Hope the marinade is good. It’s the first time making it. I have been trying to keep the grocery bill between $150-$200 but I am not sometimes successful. I do review the order and then take away things that are expensive or junk food.

My mood has been down for most of the day. I think it’s because I have been sleeping more. The psychosis seems to be controlled. I have been trying to just take 1 pill a day and see how I do because I only have 6 pills left. I need to wait for the refill to come in, which won’t be until later this week because my doc called in the mail order instead of the retail pharmacy. Now that I think of it, I could have taken the bottle to the pharmacy for a faster refill, duh. Oh well.

any thoughts?

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