Loss of Sleep so I Slept All Day

Loss of Sleep so I slept all day

I didn’t go to sleep last night around 4ish. I had the writing itch and was writing a story that I need to type up as it was written by hand. I then woke up about 5 hours later to call my neurologist for an appointment. I was able to see her this Thursday. I then went back to sleep until around the time of my therapy appointment.

My therapist and I really didn’t talk much about anything important. She skimmed over my suicidality and we ended up talking about other stuff. She wanted to know more about the musical “hallucinations” and I told her that my psych thought they were migraine activity, which is why I need to see the neurologist. She thought that was interesting. I didn’t feel we made any progress in what I was feeling and I was too tired to get into anything important so I just let things go. She didn’t read my blog that I sent her, but she is making headway into the letters I gave her the last time I saw her in person.

For some odd reason she grilled me about taking the trilafon and whether I had enough. I had to tell her multiple times that I was taking it and that I had an adequate supply. It was very annoying and it pissed me off some.

After therapy, I just went back to bed. I was really tired and slept. I still am tired and in pain. My ankle is just hurting for some reason. The humidity is up so I think that is why. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 90s. I am not looking forward to that. I hate the heat.

Starbucks has a new kind of mocha called Chili Mocha. I am not one for trying things spicy in my drinks. Food is okay but I don’t like drinking it. I will just have the regular mocha. I want to go to Starbucks tomorrow and type up what I wrote last night. It’s probably around 300 words, I would be shocked if it is more than that. I kind of left off in the middle of writing because I got very sleepy and it was close to 330 in the morning. I had to get some sleep.

9 thoughts on “Loss of Sleep so I Slept All Day

  1. Yes I’m in the same position I slept all afternoon. Only got up to eat. Walk around 1 AM and have been awake ever since it’s now almost 5 AM my sleeping pattern is totally off

  2. no, sorry I don’t see much movies, at all. I am not a movie goer. I buy DVDs just for them to collect dust, LOL. not kidding. I might try the spicy chocolate, just because you got me curious about it now. My niece made these awesome brownies one time with Cayenne pepper. They were out of this world.

  3. Have you seen the movie Chocolat? It explains why chili and chocolate are a natural pair. I’ve been putting cayenne into my homemade “special” truffles for several years now. It really gives them a blast! Then I accidentally grabbed the cayenne instead of the cinnamon one day when I was making cocoa, then said fuck it and put the cinnamon in as well. Delicious! A little **too** much cayenne that time, but got it right on subsequent tests 😎. So I’d be on that mocha like white on rice! Next time I pass a Starbucks, I’ll see if they have it.

    Hope you get some sleep…for me, stubborn insomnia is always a clue to hypomania going on. Thus the burst of desirable creativity coinciding with sleepless in Beantown.

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