Another Rough Monday

Another Rough Monday

It’s another cold day so of course my ankle is acting up. I wanted to go to Starbucks and mail a letter to a friend but that isn’t happening. My check came in this morning so I paid some bills and reserved Zipcars for the next two weeks. I also ordered my groceries for the month. Then I ordered some Chinese food as there was no way I could cook with my ankle being a bugger. Just going down the stairs was trouble.

I am feeling depressed about being in pain. I hate that it happens when I wake up because it spoils the day. I then have to take pain meds which make me feel tired and I need to sleep. So I probably will be sleeping most of the afternoon. I don’t feel like doing anything. Maybe I will make some coffee in a little bit, though I really don’t feel like having it. I much rather have espresso with soy milk.

Sox are not playing today. They have the day off. They could clinch the division today and they will celebrate if they do. I have the whole afternoon and evening to do nothing. It’s depressing. I swear the only time I really get a chance to get out of the house is to go to Starbucks. But that is on a good, pain free day. I suppose I could push through the pain but that never works for me. I end up hurting more and then I am done for a few days.

I took a couple hours nap. I needed it. My mother called as I was waking up and asked if I was still in pain. I said ya and then she asked again, ya or no. Unreal. Even on the phone she doesn’t hear you. She was making hot dogs and potatoes. I didn’t feel like eating. I told her I would eat later. I really wanted to finish off the Chinese food that I bought for lunch.

I have been texting my woes to my therapist all day. I found out it’s going to be raining tomorrow and I HATE driving in the rain. More idiots are on the road and they can’t seem to drive. I have the car an extra half hour and I am probably going to need it on the way back. I wanted to go to the grocery store and get some spice cake as I saw another awesome pumpkin cake recipe that I would love to try. It sucks that I am the only one that likes pumpkin in my house. I want to make these pumpkin treats but I can’t eat them all! I will be 300 pounds! I plan on making cupcakes for my therapist next week. Those look better than the ones that I made previously. Then a friend of mine sent me another recipe for pumpkin fluff. It looks really good as it has vanilla pudding in it. That just seems like heaven!

Tonight starts the presidential debates. Oh joy. I can’t wait for the name calling to begin. I think I will go to bed early to stay off Twitter and the ridiculousness of the candidates. Trump’s campaign has already told the media “not to fact check things”. Yea, okay. Buffoon. Maybe I will watch “American President” again and pray Shepard goes against Hillary, that Trump is just a joke.

any thoughts?

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