It’s 0500 and I can’t sleep

It’s 0500 and I can’t sleep

I woke up about a half hour ago because I had to tinkle. Then I checked my messages on my phone. I have been following in which the writer wrote, intensely, about her therapy experiences. I haven’t heard from her in a while so just figured she go busy in the “real world”. Turns out, she has decided she isn’t going to blog anymore so she has a more “real” connection to her therapist and her friends. That is fine, if it works for her but I will miss reading about her therapy struggles and experiences.

It got me thinking about my blog. I have written consistently every day for the past year. Some times I write two blogs a day, sometimes more, depending on my mood and my pain levels. I need this blog because it helps for me to write. Sure I can journal my experiences but I know there are people who suffer from my condition and I know it helps them feel less alone by reading my blog.

I know that if I was working, I probably wouldn’t be blogging so much. I probably wouldn’t have time for it as I would be so exhausted I wouldn’t be able to write. But I feel connected to the blog world because I write every day. I might not get comments from different people but when I do, I enjoy them. It makes me feel like I have a purpose with my writing, that I do connect with people. I check my stats and know that people from around the world read my blog nearly every day. I like that.

It’s raining out. I hope it stops later because I really want to get to the pharmacy to pick up my medication. I won’t have enough for the week to put it in my weekly pill box. It’s one of the things that I need to do today is fill that box up. I have gotten quicker at filling it so it’s not a hassle anymore. I think when I am tired it’s more of a hassle. But it’s got to be done because I need to take my meds for the week.

After I came back to my room from the bathroom, my foot started acting up. Now it’s really acting up. I hate when it gradually works it way up to a crescendo in such a short period of time. It drives me crazy because it take a while for the pain meds to work and in the mean time, I am in agony. I hope the pain meds get me back to sleep.

I was wrong about the Nebraska and Ohio State game being a nail biter. It was more of a blow out. OSU won 62-3. The Nebraska quarterback got hurt. His head hit the grass like a basketball and was knocked out briefly. I doubt he is going to play next week. I bet he has a concussion. I feel bad for him because he was a good quarterback. And it was obvious by the score his backup didn’t play so good.

I don’t know if the Pats are playing today. I have to check the schedule. I should download it on to my phone but there are only 6 games left in the season so I am not sure it’s worth it. I haven’t really watched any games all season from beginning to end, just catching a quarter here or there. Football doesn’t interest me as much as baseball does. I only watch it because it’s a sport that I like watching after baseball season. Only thing that sucks about football is that it’s played once a week. The media builds the hype around the games and then it either lives up to it or not. Drives me crazy.

Think I am going to try and go back to sleep. Thanks for keeping me company.

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