Saturday Blog 76

Saturday Blog 76

I’ve been having a rough day. It’s very cold out and my ankle is going berserk. I was fine when I got up but a few up and downs the stairs made my ankle hurt and I haven’t been able to get the pain under control. The pain is not too severe, but it is annoying.

I made breakfast this morning and coffee. Then I decided to read. I don’t know what happened but after I finished my coffee, I fell asleep while reading. It was odd because I have never had that happen to me before. Usually I will feel sleepy and then stop reading, put the book away, shut the light and go lie down. Not this time. I was asleep sitting up when I came to. Funny but kind of scary. Guess all the meds I took last night to quite my pain weren’t all out of my system. I am still tired but haven’t been able to nap.

I ordered Chinese food for supper. When I went to pick it up downstairs, I noticed the mail came and my new glasses were delivered. I am trying to get used to them. The prescription has changed so I need to get used to them. I will wear them for a few hours and then stop wearing them for a little while. Maybe I will nap.

I haven’t gone back to my reading. I am in the middle of a chapter so I need to finish. I am so tired though. I took my meds early last night and I still didn’t fall asleep till after midnight. Damn pain kept me up. I hope to do some reading before bed to finish that chapter. I am reading Kay Redfield Jamison’s new book about Robert Lowell. It’s pretty interesting so far. It’s a thick book so it’s going to take me some time to get through it.

I just got what I thought would be the last statement from my therapist. I opened it to see how much I owe so I can pay it off. I was fucking shocked to find that it’s over $15,000!! I looked over the statement and it doesn’t look like they have been charging my insurance AT ALL! So I have been billed her regular charge of $125 per session. I am pissed and won’t send her another dime until it gets straightened out. I sent her a text so hopefully she calls her billing and fixes this error.

Our heating system is messed up. One of the radiators isn’t working so my brother in law turn the heat all the way up to see if he could get it on. My room is a sauna right now. I have the fan turned on high to cool off. They have lowered the heat but it’s still hot in my room. Going to take a while for it to cool down. It’s wicked cold out and I wish I could open my window to let some of the cold air in. I hate being hot!

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