procrastinating Saturday

Procrastinating Saturday

I woke up early this morning due to pain and a full bladder. I checked Twitter and one of my Twitter buddies posted that they saw hooves on April the giraffe. I quickly went to the bathroom and then checked Facebook to see if my groups had any info. They posted a link to watch the live birth and I clicked on it using my phone. It took a couple hours for this baby to be born but it was so amazing to see.

I wanted to work on my blog project but things kept on getting in the way. I was procrastinating and the baby giraffe didn’t help. It was a distraction but it also made me fall in love more with giraffes. My friend who is south of Boston started texting me as I was ready to start typing the blog. I just couldn’t do it. So I was texting my friend and his wife for a bit. We agreed to meet up next weekend. I haven’t seen them since January and miss them. Then my other friend PM’d me and I was bombarded between messenger and texts. My battery was drained due to watching the live feed this morning of the giraffe being born so I had to charge my phone.

The friend that PM’d me was telling me about her problems and I was sharing mine with the chronic pain condition that we have. I’m starting to think she is a little bit of a hypochondriac, but I could be wrong. We all want answers to our symptoms and will see what fits and what doesn’t.

Another reason I was procrastinating was that I got a pain flare up. My foot got cold and when I went to put on the sock, the elastic rubbed my ankle the “wrong” way and caused it to be in intense pain. I was seeing stars for a few minutes and then I could feel my ankle spasming. Hello Ativan and pain meds. My mother made eggplant as she is making eggplant parmigiana tomorrow. It smelled so good I risked going downstairs to have some. It gave me great pain but I didn’t care. I was hungry.

I got a text from Walgreens saying my prescription was ready to be picked up so I went. Bad idea. My foot is killing me and felt like I was walking on rocks the whole way and back. It was warm out so of course I sweated from pain and heat. I had to take a strong pain pill when I got home. I think that is the only way out of this flare up that I am in.

While I was sleeping, my android system downloaded a new update. It’s doing its thing now so I don’t have any more distractions while writing this blog. I don’t know why I have been extremely distracted today. I just don’t have the motivation to do anything and I know being in a flare up doesn’t help. I think I am going to try and read the CBT book later this evening. I had an eggplant sandwich while I was downstairs before I left for Walgreens so I shouldn’t be hungry later. I don’t think I will type up what I wrote for my blog project. I just don’t have the patience to read my handwriting and type. I did start a word doc this morning before the calf was born and then it just happened. The birth was pretty fast once the head came out. I am so glad I saw it. It truly was amazing to see. They haven’t named him yet, though some of the people in the groups want to name him Apollo. I am fine with that! It’s a cool name.

When I went downstairs to make my sandwich, my mother wanted me to get a baking dish for her. I think that is what set off my foot pain while walking to Walgreens. I had to put my weight on my foot to get on and off the chair. I don’t know why contractors have to put cabinet shelves so damn high that only tall people can reach them. Ridiculous!

I had another weird dream last night. This one included Wil Wheaton and his wife, Anne. So bizarre. Other than remembering they were in my dream, I don’t remember any other details. I have to take a shower but it won’t be tonight. I am hoping it will be tomorrow morning before Easter dinner. I hope my pain levels will be down by then. Being in pain the last few days has really taken a toll on me. I emailed my psychiatrist in desperation the other night asking if I could hack my ankle off. She didn’t respond.

I had a good talk with my sister today about things. We exchanged our frustrations over stuff. It was good to talk to her as we haven’t really talked that way in a while. She is always busy with her kid or husband so it is hard to talk to her at times.

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