Friday evening blog

Friday evening blog

Other than writing a blog this morning, I have done absolutely nothing but eat pizza. I got my book and notebook to try and do some “work” but it didn’t work out for me. I joined some new groups on Facebook about the pregnant giraffe called April to see when and if she will have her calf. I didn’t know giraffe’s gestation periods were 14-16 months long. HOLY SHIT! She showed some abnormal behavior today so everyone is thinking she is going to have the baby this weekend. I hope so. I would love seeing a baby giraffe being born. I love giraffes. So for most of the afternoon, all I did was check my Facebook feeds for news and of course Twitter for my trump news. Boring ass he is spending the government money to pay for his resort and vacation time. I could see if he has done anything worthy of a vacation but I think we have our first Monday through Friday president in office.

It got really cold though the temp was near 60 today so my mother turned on the heat after I closed the window. My room is warm now so I have the ceiling fan on. I haven’t re-opened the window, yet. I got hit with a flare after lunch so I have been trying to stay off my ankle as much as possible. I don’t know why it flared up as I haven’t done anything today. I forgot to note the time I took my regular pain meds, which sucks because I don’t know what time to take them next. I might have to take the strong pain pill. I hate doing so because it makes me loopy and fucks with my sleep.

A friend in Australia has some wounds that are not healing for him. It’s because of bad circulation and nerve damage. I told him about Manuka honey and he bought a jar. I don’t think it’s the kind for wound healing so it’s not helping him any. I found some CVS brand bandages that I am going to buy for him and ship to him when I get paid next. I just hope they are big enough for his wound as it looks pretty big. He showed me the pics last night. They weren’t seeping or anything but looked nasty. It’s a good thing he is numb or he’d be in some mighty big pain.

Can’t believe my father has been gone for almost a year now. So strange not having him in my life anymore. I still expect him to call or I want to call him to see how he is and then I remember he is gone. I still remember the day he died as if it was yesterday. I never finished the story I wrote when I was in the hospital last year. I have not touched the notebook I wrote it on. It’s still in my backpack. His anniversary date is not this Tuesday but the Tuesday afterwards. It’s going to be a hard day.

any thoughts?

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