Friday Morning blog

Friday morning blog

I am watching my niece today because it’s Good Friday, a religious Catholic holiday. She has the day off from school, something that I never got when I was in school. Apparently, rules changes concerning religion so any time there is a religious holiday due to whatever domination, the kids have the day off from school.

Next week is April vacation week. I will be watching my niece on Tuesday as well. Today I will be ordering pizza. I don’t know what I will be doing Tuesday. Maybe I will take her to Starbucks with me, if she is willing to go. I was thinking of going today but my ankle is hurting kind of severely. I really don’t want to leave the house.

I woke up to a weird dream. I dreamed that I was in therapy with an older woman. It was our second session and I could barely hear her as she had laryngitis. My former therapist was in the room while we were talking. Then my teddy bear became a male toddler. He had just a diaper on him and was getting cranky because it was wet. I didn’t have another diaper but the therapist did. As I was changing him, he started crapping and it was diarrhea. I cleaned him up and he crapped green shit again. I got it all over myself. There was a shower in the office so I washed him and myself up. I didn’t have another diaper to change him. I felt like a bad father. I had no idea why my teddy bear became a live human. Anyways he walks to a chair and as I am telling him not to sit down, he sits and shit gets all over the chair. I pick him up and then I wake up, shaking my head. Weirdest dream ever.

I just ordered pizza and fries. Should be here in about a half hour or less. I can’t wait. I have been craving pizza all week long. I ordered a large so that my mother can have some, too. I usually order half because no one but me eats cold pizza. I don’t like it reheated. It tastes funny.

I am going to try finishing the CBT book that I started earlier this week after lunch. I should type up what I have written for the blog I am writing. I wrote it in a notebook on Monday. It’s an interesting book and I find it exciting to read because it stimulates my thought process. It’s a short book, only about 8 or 9 chapters and I am in chapter 5 right now. Reading it is not technical, least for me because I have a clinician brain. I am learning as I go as I am more psychodynamically oriented than Cognitive behaviorally. I can’t wait to write up this blog!

any thoughts?

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