Busy day of reading and writing

Busy day of reading and writing

I woke up in the middle of the night because of pain. I took my meds and tried to go back to sleep. Around 0300, the birds started chirping. I got so angry. They still are chirping now. I woke up to my phone ringing but I was too lazy to answer it. It was PCP’s office asking how I was doing. I called back and told them I was still in pain and having a flare up as I keep waking up in the middle of the night. The nurse thought that maybe lidocaine gel would be helpful so she just got back to me right now. My PCP is going to think about it and she said that if I need additional support to call her. I thought that was so sweet. She remembers when I first developed cauda Equina syndrome and told me to go to the ER so I am a patient that sticks out in her mind. She is a good nurse and I am glad she has been in the practice for so long. My prescription is ready for pick up so I will pick it up tomorrow.

After I made breakfast, I wanted to work on my blog project but the damn birds were chirping so I decided to take my laptop and go to Starbucks. I spent nearly four hours there reading, writing, and typing. I finished a chapter and a half in the book and about three chapters of writing about what I read. Sadly, it only came out to around 400 words, but I am not done with the book. I have two more chapters to read. I am happy with the progress I made with it.

On the way home, I tripped on my front steps. I didn’t clear one of the steps so I almost fell. Luckily, I was holding on to the railing. My foot is not happy with me right now. I am really tired. I came home and found there were checks for me. I just made it to the bank to deposit one of them for savings. I will deposit the rest tomorrow. I would have made a trip back to the Square but I am too exhausted. I am watching my niece tomorrow so we will go later in the morning and then have burritos for lunch.

I am utterly exhausted. My mother called me down for dinner. She made asparagus and eggs. I’m still hungry so I might make a frozen dinner or a bowl of cereal. Depends if the strong pain pill helps my ankle pain. I hope I didn’t do anything to it when I tripped.

any thoughts?

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