been in pain most of the day

Been in pain most of the day

I woke up feeling okay. I didn’t have a good sleep as I woke up around 3 or 4 in the morning in pain and couldn’t go back to sleep right away. My mother had cooked bacon so when I got up, I had what was left over and then had a bowl of cereal. Then when I got back to my room, the pain started. My foot was in agony. I took some more pain meds but it didn’t work. It maybe knocked the pain level a few notches but didn’t take it away completely. It was driving me nuts so I put some lidocaine gel on it. My prescriptions were ready at Walgreens but I had no plans to get them.

Around 1400, I started to get tired. I was feeling like crap and in a bad mood because I was in pain so I took a nap. My PCP’s office called right before I almost dozed off. It was the nurse I spoke to on Monday telling me my PCP had called in the lidocaine topical ointment. She explained how to use it. I told her I saw it in my list of meds. I had gotten a message from Walgreens saying my meds were ready but I didn’t know why. Now I know. The only difference between the prescription and what I have been using over the counter is a 1% difference. The OTC is 4% and the prescription is 5%. I don’t think there is going to be much of a change. I went to sleep.

I had planned on ordering Chinese food when I got up. I woke up about an hour ago and didn’t feel like ordering food. My foot pain was back. I heated up a frozen dinner and ate that. I need to go the basement freezer to get more as I used the last one. Hopefully, I can get some tomorrow. I bought a bunch of different ones so I wouldn’t eat the same kind all the time. I really like the BBQ pork one. It reminds me of a McDonald’s McRib. Doesn’t taste the same but close enough.

My sister ordered a dishwasher for my mother. She was not happy because she had no say in it. It’s coming tomorrow. My brother in law is disconnecting the broken one now and I can’t use the kitchen sink as the water is turned off. Other than washing my utensils, I don’t use the kitchen sink for much. I hope I can go out tomorrow. I am in pain now so I don’t know if it’s going to get worse or better as the night goes on.

I didn’t have a good nap. I woke up with my neck at a weird angle and it was pressing against my headboard. I don’t remember falling asleep like that. It gave me a headache and some neck pain. I took some Advil to make it go away. Other than sleep, I really didn’t do anything today. I thought about reading Huck Finn but I never opened the Kindle. It might need to be charged as it’s been a while since I have used it. If I go out tomorrow, maybe I can work on my blog project.

I’ll be taking my night meds soon. I still am feeling exhausted. Pain just takes so much out of you.

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