blah day with pain

Blah day with pain

I am having a difficult day. It’s hard to be moving. I woke up around noon. Ordered Chinese food and mostly ate the appetizers than my entrée. I will have some later, if I feel like it. I needed to go to Walgreens for my meds. I forced myself to go and regretted it when I came home. My ankle is really hurting me. I hope it’s better by tomorrow because I need to see my psych.

I need to change my sheets this weekend. The foam topper is sliding off my bed and I need to adjust it. I don’t know why this happened and hope it’s not a frequent occurrence. I don’t plan on doing anything today. Sox are playing early so there will be no game tonight. There is no score right now.

While I was out, I contemplated going to the Square to get some Starbucks. But I missed the bus and I would have had to wait a half hour for the next one. I didn’t feel like waiting. I also bumped into my uncle who read some of my book. He asked me when my third book was coming out. Ha, funny man. I am taking a break from book writing, least for now. I need to promote my second book a little bit. I have only two sales, so far and about 12 on the side that I either gave away or sold as autograph copies. I need a sales pitch and that is not my thing.

It’s 56 degrees out but it’s chilly with the wind. The house is cold but it’s always cold. My ankle is not liking it. Tomorrow is supposed to rain. I am not sure if I will be working on my blog project. Depends on my mood. I was really hoping to have it done this week but I’m dragging my tail. I seem to work best on Monday and then the rest of the week slides out of my control. I got a lot done. I just need to work a little more and it will be finished. Maybe this coming Monday I will work on it before I see my therapist.

I was going to shower today but I feel blah. I honestly don’t feel like doing anything. My ankle and foot are competing. I didn’t get the lidocaine that my PCP prescribed me because it’s oil based and would have stained my sheets. I will stick with the OTC stuff. It dries and doesn’t leave a residue. I have no motivation to do anything. My mother just called asking me what I want for supper and I don’t even know. The Chinese food I had is making me feel bloated so I don’t want anything. I should have gone to the basement to pick up some frozen dinners while I was out. Guess I will get them tomorrow.

Sunday is going to be a long day. I have to go to the 0800 mass for my father. I hope I can come home and nap before going out again. I told some friends I would meet them to feed some ducks and then go out to eat. I haven’t seen them since January and miss them. We might just go out to eat because there is rain in the forecast. It’s all dependent on the weather at this point. I hope my mood improves by then. I know I feel blah because my pain levels have been all over the place, making me miserable and tired all the time.

Sox won in the 10th inning 4-1. Sale didn’t earn his win despite playing really good. Kimbrel messed it up for him. I got some new Bluetooth headphones that were a deal on Amazon. I like the ones I have but I can’t use the remote function on them. I hope the new ones I can. It’d be nice to control the volume and skip songs rather than having to do so on the phone.

I need to get a haircut before Sunday. I hope I can shower tomorrow and then get the haircut after my psych appointment or before. Depends on my timing. I haven’t decided yet if I am going to get the same cut on top or if I want it short and spikey. I like having my hair long on top but it’s a pain to manage when I am not wearing a hat. I am trying to stay awake and not take a nap but it’s so damn hard. I am just so sleepy.

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