Saturday Blog 81

Saturday Blog 81

I took a shower today and it wiped me out. It was my niece’s birthday and I had a few hours till the party so I took a nap. The party started at 1400. I woke up around 1600. My mother called me to ask where I was and I told her I just woke up. I didn’t plan on sleeping that much but I guess I needed it. I still feel like crap. Seems all I want to do lately is sleep.

I went to the party. Cake was already served. I said hi to all that was there. I had something to eat. The cheese pizza was gone. All that was left was veggie and I don’t like it because it had onions on it. I then had what was left of the birthday cake. It was good. I hung out for a little bit and just listened to the conversations. Then I said my goodbyes and left.

I am hungry as I didn’t have that much to eat. I might have a bowl of cereal. I forgot to grab some frozen dinners while I was downstairs. I will grab them tomorrow. I need to empty my recycle bin. I managed to move the foam topper back in place so I can change my sheets on Tuesday. I can’t do it tomorrow or Monday because I have things to do and it wipes me out.

My new Bluetooth headset came in today. I had to switch the buds to smaller ones because they were too big. They fit better now. I really like them. The buttons for up and down are really small. I haven’t tested them out to see if they work. I will tomorrow. I don’t feel like doing anything right now. I just want to fucking sleep.

My Uncle was over the house for the party. He asked me how my back was. It really pisses me off because my back no longer bothers me so much as my ankle pain does. And then when I say it’s just my ankle, I just get a head shake and maybe a “well it’s coming from your back”. No dickhead, it’s not. It’s been ruled out. I have a pain syndrome that is concentrated in my fucking ankle. But I can’t get anyone to understand this. Just so frustrating.

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