tiring Tuesday

Tiring Tuesday

I woke up in the middle of the night because of pain. I couldn’t go back to sleep right away so I wrote a blog and that seems to have settled me down some. I woke up feeling like shit so I wasn’t going to go out or make bacon like I wanted to. I just had a bowl of cereal and then went back to sleep.

I must have been hungry because I kept dreaming about food. My mother called me twice. The first time I didn’t answer it. I didn’t feel like it. The second time I had to or she would have been worried. She wanted to know what I wanted for dinner. I told her I didn’t care. She asked why I was home and I said because of pain. She ended up making pork chops. They were good.

My therapist responded to the email I sent him. He didn’t give me another appointment this week nor did he say anything about it. He just said to bring in the list of problems/concerns next week. Great. Now I got to write up the list. There are only a few things I want on it. I probably will do it later this week.

I am tired and want to go back to sleep. I had wanted to have a STTNG marathon but doesn’t look like that is going to happen. I might watch an episode or two later, if I don’t go back to sleep.

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