a rainy but good day despite pain

A rainy but good day despite pain

I almost slept through my grocery delivery because they were early by 15 minutes. I put the things away but by the time I was done I was exhausted and missed the bus to the Square. I wish I had just hurried to catch it as the idiotic mothers with huge strollers were on the next bus. I can’t stand them because they each take up two seats in the front, which is dedicated to disabled persons and elderly. Just pisses me off because if there are people sitting there, they ask them to move, which I think is very rude.

I got to the Square and got my haircut. I really like it because other than the top, I have no hair! The barber did an awesome job. I then went to Starbucks for something to eat and to work on my blog project that I am procrastinating on. While talking to my niece about it, I realized it’s because it takes me a while to digest the information I read because I am not familiar with the concepts. If it was cut and dry, it might be easier but it’s not. I wrote up the two chapters I read and was going to read the next chapter but I just couldn’t. I had started journaling when I realized I had to go to my PCP’s office to get my prescription. I had forgot about it. I didn’t want to go out tomorrow because the weather is supposed to be just as crappy. I just want a day to do nothing.

I got to another Square after the PCP to meet my niece for dinner at the Indian restaurant. She wanted to walk, in the rain, to the place. I knew where it was sorta. I still think Harvard was closer but whatever. We walked and my Achilles cried. The food was excellent and I met the manager or owner and he gave us a free dessert. It was some kind of fried dough that was really sweet and rice pudding, which was also sweet but not as sweet as the dough. I had a little of each as I was full off the Masala. I will definitely be going back there!

While I was waiting for my niece, there was a Sprint store and I went there to check out the phone I wanted to get. Turns out it was a lower grade than even the model that I have now and so I won’t be getting it even though it’s cheaper than the new Galaxy S7. My contract expires Saturday. Next month I think I will decide to change plans and upgrade. I am going to try and lower my bill first as I am not in a contract anymore. If it doesn’t work out, I will get a new phone, which will still lower my bill. I will go through the store though so I can get my apps transferred to the new phone.

My niece called one of the taxi services so we didn’t have to take public transportation home. I couldn’t walk to the station as I was beat. The driver dropped me off at Walgreens so I could get my prescription filled. I rested my ankles while waiting for it to be filled. When it was ready, I went to look for wipes as my mother had told me they had them for a $1. I found the rack near the clearance rack and found two composition books for less than $2. Score. I have a composition notebook fetish or something. I just love these notebooks for some reason. I have plenty of them, but like my pens, I always want more!

any thoughts?

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