Sunday Blog 29

Sunday Blog 29

My mother woke me up as she needed help opening some cans of tomatoes for the sauce she was going to make. I opened one can and it splatted on me. Later I learned that it also splattered on the ceiling, which my mother was not happy about. I just laughed because our ceiling is pretty high so it must have been a very high splat! I tried getting it off with a long pole my mother had but couldn’t get the right amount of effort to take it off as it had dried. I’m hoping my brother in law can take it off.

I made coffee and had some meatballs that my mother made. I also had some chicken breast deli meat and cheese that I bought yesterday as I drank my coffee. I didn’t realize that the deli guy had given me a half pound of meat. I don’t think I am going to eat all that. I had wanted just a quarter of a pound. It’s good so I will try and eat a little every day until it’s gone.

I came upstairs with the rest of my coffee and pondered on what to do. I felt like reading but didn’t know what. I decided to read the book about Maya the bee that my friend had given me. It’s a cute little story. I read three chapters. I will read more later.

My mother is making lasagna for supper. She must have used like 8 cans of tomatoes for the sauce so she needs to use it up. She put a lot of meat in it. There are meatballs, sausages, and pork ribs. I don’t know if there are other types. Those are the ones that I saw on the counter yesterday.

I bought new music over the past few days. I just bought individual songs rather than albums. One song, “wanna be your song” has been in my head all day so now I have it on repeat. There is just something about it that makes me want to listen to it again and again.

A friend in Canada sent me a private message on Facebook. We have been friends for some time now and she is going through a difficult period right now as her EBV (Epstein-Barr Virus) has resurfaced and is making her quite ill. She needed someone to talk to so she called me through Facebook. We talked for a couple hours until she felt sleepy. She is just feeling really depressed because her illness is making her feel like crap and she is sleepy all the time as well as dizzy. She asked me about how does therapy work and I explained it as best I could. I think she would benefit from CBT and told her so. I hope she looks into it and finds a therapist.

Sox lost. They ended their six game win streak, their longest of the season. Porcello (pitcher) got no run support, at all. Can’t win games without scoring.

any thoughts?

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