random 545

Random 545

I had another hard time sleeping through the night. I woke up several times because of pain and the cold weather. It’s been raining all day today and I slept through most of it. I didn’t really get up till around 1530, when I needed to as I was meeting a friend for dinner. I thought about canceling but it was really too late to call him and tell him forget it.

I had texted my therapist saying I need to cancel our next appointment. I waited around for the female therapist to call me back but she never did. I don’t know if she is going to. I got dressed and caught the bus to the train station. I brought my umbrella so of course it was only drizzling lightly. I got to Boston and met my friend.

We enjoyed dinner and got caught up on things as we haven’t seen each other in a while. I couldn’t finish my meal so took it home. I was full off of appetizers. The check came and my credit card kept asking for a PIN. I didn’t have a PIN as it was a new card. I tried calling but you had to call another number and I couldn’t hear it over the noise of the restaurant. I was embarrassed as my friend then had to pay. This is the second time I have had this issue with this card and I don’t understand why it asks for a pin at retail places. None of my other cards do, unless I use my debit card. It just made me frustrated.

When I got back to the Square to wait for the bus home, I called the number to get a PIN number. Now I shouldn’t have any problems. The bus was late and the stupid bus driver kept missing people’s stops. I felt like reporting her. I was tired and all I wanted to do was go home, take my meds and go to sleep.

Sox are playing though. They are beating the Skankees 5-1 right now. I am in a lot of fucking pain. My “thing” aka foot/ankle is acting up. I haven’t taken any meds for it yet because I can’t decide what to take. I don’t have burning pain so I don’t need to take Neurontin. I can take my regular pain meds as it has been hours since my last dose. I am not in severe pain, least not yet, to warrant taking the strong pain pill. It’s like a guessing game every night as to what to take and when.

I just hope I am able to sleep tonight. I am exhausted and my mother put my ground beef in the freezer, so I can put off making my sauce aka dirty gravy. I don’t think I am going to do anything tomorrow except possibly go to the post office to mail a box for my friend in Canada. The present is for her grandkids. I got them (3) Sox hats as well as for their dad. The boys are so damn cute. I’m jealous she gets to play with them, LOL. I miss my kids being that age.


any thoughts?

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