Random 935

Random 935

I woke up before dawn in pain. I took my meds and pretty much slept all day. I didn’t wake up till around 1515. I was having a strange dream, but I don’t remember it now. I ordered a burger and onion rings for my dinner. My sister was having a party for my nephew as his birthday is next week but half the family is going to Italy starting tomorrow. I won’t see my sisters and nieces for almost two weeks. I am going to miss them.

I made a few phone calls while I was waiting for my food and the party to start. I called my PCP’s office to see if my prescription was ready to be picked up. It was so I will be going tomorrow to get it. The next was to the neurology clinic. I wanted to see the doctor’s colleague and instead I got a fricken resident who specializes in Multiple Sclerosis. That isn’t going to help me! I was so annoyed. I am going to call tomorrow and request someone else that is not a resident and who specializes in CRPS. I don’t need a regular neuro, I already have one. I need someone that knows about this pain condition so I can know if there is a better treatment out there. I don’t think there is but doesn’t hurt to see a specialist.

I emailed my psych about this and she apologized for not calling me back yesterday. She said she might call me later or tomorrow. It’s been later and I still haven’t heard from her so I guess she will call me tomorrow. I just want to talk to her about taking a lot of Neurontin lately. I know it’s not helping my weight but it is helping me sleep more soundly, better than Ativan. Once I get to sleep that is. I’m just worried that I am using too high a dose as I just play with the dosing. Sometimes I take 900 mg, other times I take 1200 mg. Sometimes it’s twice a day I will take either of these dose or higher. Then there will be days I don’t take any. It doesn’t help my physical pain, just the burning that I get. But I have gained 10 pounds while using it and I hate it.

My pain in the ass aunt came over. After the cake, she was telling me how to make money by writing about her family, like I don’t know anything about books. UGH, I had to explain to her that unless you get a good PR and publisher, you won’t make a cent. She wanted me to write it. Like fucking hell will I spend the hours with her writing this book. I can’t stand being with her for more than 5 minutes. I hate her with all my being. She tries to get on my “good” side but I see right through her. Then she was telling me the story of JK Rowling and how she is a billionaire now. I laughed and asked her do you know how many publishers rejected her work? Almost all of England. She got rejected over 20 times and she persisted. I am grateful she has and the whole Potterworld is too.

Despite sleeping all day, I still feel tired. I had a rough night of pain as I didn’t go to sleep till at least 3 only to wake up a few hours later, still in pain. Now after the party, my pain is back from sitting too long. Never fails.

any thoughts?

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