made it out today

Made it out today

Despite waking up in the middle of the night, I was able to get some sleep. My check came in and I quickly spent as I bought groceries and paid bills. I also got the phone accessories from Amazon. I was feeling good, the back pain gone away, so I chanced a shower. It’s cold out so I just had a hot shower. It felt good. Other than my ankle complaining, I had no other pains. I then waited for the next bus, got dressed, and went out the door.

Starbucks has a new steak and egg wrap that I wanted to try so I ordered it with my espresso. After I ate, I wrote in my journal and started falling asleep. I got a coffee as the next bus wasn’t for another hour. The coffee was good. Unfortunately, I was still sleepy. I went to the bus stop and waited for the bus and tried not closing my eyes. When the bus came, I shut my eyes and snoozed until I reached my stop.

I got into my PJs and figure I would rest until 1500 as my delivery was supposed to come around that time. Least that is what I thought. Instead it came around 1230 or so but because our stupid cheap bell doesn’t work, the driver left a note and went on his way. I got a text an hour later saying the delivery didn’t happen and I was so damn mad. There is some kind of battery connection problem with the bell. It’s one of the wireless kinds. I think I got it working now but that doesn’t mean it will stay that way as the battery is loose. So now I need to wait till tomorrow to get my phone. I am not happy.

Ankle has decided to flare up. Between trying to fix the bell and making a sandwich for lunch, I think I overused it. I wish the pain would take a day off. I still haven’t had my nap. I am trying to stay off my feet but my appetite is off the wall today. I really want to go downstairs and have a ring ding. I need something sweet. I really don’t but I want one. I had ordered a doughnut with my wrap but the Starbucks store was out so I never had my sweet fix. My mother is making pork chops for supper. I am trying to be good and not eat anything until then. I can have my ring ding for dessert.

God I am so goddamned pissed at the fucking US Senate right now. They are chickenshits who let the Vice President decide for them that they were too chicken to decide on their own. So around 32 million Americans will lose their health insurance and pay up to $13,000 deductible for care. Prescriptions are NOT covered so many people who have diabetes are shit out of luck. It’s just genocide. Pre-existing conditions are not covered as well. This is a disaster of a plan. Instead of listening to the people, they listened to their wallets. I am so fucking mad. I knew the VP was going to break the “tie”. I knew it was going to come down to that. Everything in the fucking Trump admin has been decided by the VP because of these chickenshits. I would say something really vile right now but it might offend those with abuse histories. The Republican party are all assholes. Did I also mention there is a clause that states that Congress is excluded from this supposed health care bill?? Yeah, the asses put that little touch in so the American people will suffer but they won’t. Fuckers, all of them.

any thoughts?

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