hectic warm day

Hectic warm day

I slept okay though when I woke up around 7, I was not feeling well. It had been more than 10 hours since my last pain med dose and I was sick. I took my meds and a Zofran as I was really nauseous. I set my alarm to be up a couple of hours later. I didn’t stir when it went off. I didn’t want to get out of bed. I kept hitting the snooze button. Half hour later, I wanted some coffee so reluctantly got up. It was humid in the house. Great.

I made the coffee and it was perfect. I then waited for my groceries to be delivered. They came around noon time. Unfortunately, the gallon of milk that I ordered broke and I had milk all over the bags. I put them away as fast as I could but the heat was working against me. I threw out the bags as they were wet and I knew they would smell. One bag had at least a cup or two of milk so dumped it in the sink. What a mess. I was so tired and my allergies were acting up. I had taken Benadryl last night because they were bad. I hadn’t used the Flonase today. I’ve been forgetting.

My niece came home as she had early release today. I was thinking about going to get my haircut but my allergies were so bad and nasal drip was gagging me. Plus putting the groceries away aggravated my ankle. It was already painful when I got up and I just annoyed it more. If I attempted to walk the block and half to the bus stop, I knew I would pay for it. I just chilled in my room for a bit until I got hungry. I heated up the pulled pork I bought. I had one sandwich. I could barely finish it even though it was so good. I will have the rest maybe tonight.

I had something to eat and then went back up to my room. I was out of breath which is kind of unusual. Since last night, I have been feeling off with my lungs. Post nasal drip has been awful and I keep coughing. Of course by the time this happened, my PCP’s office closed. I went to the walk in that is up the street next to the Walgreens and I am glad I went. I have bronchitis. The doctor put me on an antibiotic and two inhalers, one I take urgently and one every day twice a day. I feel okay otherwise, no fevers or chills. I hope that I will feel better soon. I thought it was just bad allergy season. On the way home, my ankle buckled and I had to stop for a bit to recover. Stupid ankle. It is really humid and I was soaked with sweat by the time I came home. My brother in law doesn’t have time to put in the AC tonight. I just hope it’s by this weekend as the temps are supposed to be ridiculous for May.

I am so exhausted. I am listening to the ball game right now. Celtics (basketball) are playing tonight. It’s a do or die game. I think they start in about 45 minutes from now. I just hope I can sleep tonight.

any thoughts?

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