Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s law

I had set my med alarm for my pain meds last night so I wouldn’t miss a dose. I woke up around 6, took my meds, and then went back to sleep. I woke up some time after 9 and decided to shower. By the time I was done, it was too late to catch the bus. I thought about taking a cab and I should have, but I didn’t want to spend $15 when it wouldn’t cost me anything for the bus. I waited until it was time to get dressed and leave. I grabbed my insulated cup and left the house.

I waited and waited for the bus. I checked the schedule to see if there were any delays and there wasn’t. I also checked to see if I had the schedule wrong due to a change. Nope. The bus just never showed up. I was fuming. I caught the next bus, which meant I had to catch another bus to the square. While I was waiting, my cup fell out of my bag and broke. I was so damn sad. I loved this cup! I had been using it all year. I saved the straw as it was new. I would recycle the plastic when I got to Starbucks. But because I was getting there until an hour later, I decided to go to Dunks for my favorite sandwich and then go to Starbucks. Fuck the chains. I didn’t care. I ordered my espresso and I thought about buying another cup but I found my trenta cup so hope that doesn’t break.

After I ate and had some caffeine, I was a little less hangry. I was kicking myself for not getting a cab or uber. I went to my barber for my haircut and he did a really good job. I paid him double and told him I would be back in two weeks. He said save your money and I said I can’t. LOL I end up using it for food or something stupid. Best to put it in his hands. He said okay. He asked what I was doing the rest of the day and I said I was thinking of getting my new glasses as they just came in. So when he was finished, I went into town. It was a lot cooler than it was yesterday so it was a good day for the walk. But not a good day for my pain levels or having bronchitis. I was wheezing by the time I walked a little ways to the station. I used the inhaler so I could breathe better. I did okay getting to the optical shop but not so great on the way back to the station. I was out of breath again and my groin was hurting me. I think I am using my hip muscles instead of my legs so it’s pulling. Fun.

By the time I got back to the Square, I had to wait 40 minutes or more for the next bus. Screw that, I called a cab. I didn’t care and my legs didn’t either. I was hurting and forgot to put my pain meds in my shorts. I missed my noon time dose. The cab came and I was grateful. My niece tried to scared me when I got to the door but I was so concentrated on things, I didn’t really notice. I got her though as I went to her house to drop off the mail. HAHA payback.
My mother had a low blood sugar and asked me to make dinner for her. I said okay. I wasn’t hungry yet as I was just trying to recover from being out. I decided when I came home, I was taking a cab to the station tomorrow as I need to see my psychiatrist. I downloaded the app and registered. I then booked a cab for the morning. I made my mother something to eat and then my sister called asking to cook something for my niece. I had leftover pulled pork then made mac and cheese for my niece. I also had some. I was kind of wheezing while I was cooking but I had just used the inhaler.

After I ate, I cleaned up and then went up two flights of stairs to my room. My lungs protested big time. I was so short of breath and wheezing. I was also coughing a lot so took the cough suppressant. I am now so exhausted after I recovered and breathing normally. My ankle flared up within minutes of sitting on my bed. I was thinking of listening to the game, but I am too fricken tired. I am going to take my meds and call it a night. If my brother in law comes to put in my AC and screen, that would be good. Going to be humid all weekend and I know I will be uncomfortable.

I finally had a bowel movement today. I took some fiber last night and again when I got home. I knew I was going to go as I was getting really bad cramps. Only problem was I didn’t poop enough so I am still feeling uncomfortable. My friend told me to drink a lot of water but that has problems of its own. I already changed underwear twice today and don’t want to do it a third time. I have been trying to drink fluids anyways because I have been sweating a lot. I think I am going to wear a diaper tomorrow when I go to the ball game. Sucks but at least I don’t have to worry about wetting my underwear. Nerve injury sucks. That is all for now. Pain has reached a 13 and I need to take my meds before it gets worse.

any thoughts?

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