Go Boldly!

Go Boldly!

The Canadian Star Trek stamps that I ordered last week finally came today. I am so excited. I love collecting stamps from other countries. I have a beautiful poster of Mexican stamps that would go nicely in my room but I never hung it up because I was too lazy. I am thinking more of setting up shelves in my room for all the books that I have because I don’t really have the space for bookcases. My walls are pretty bare.

I got out today, finally. It was a challenge because I was really tired after therapy but I pushed through it, got dressed and caught the bus. I had to go to the bank to make a deposit. My mother thankfully gave me a few bucks so my checking account doesn’t go in the red. I am still debating on cancelling my Amazon Prime membership then reinstating it later this month when it’s closer to my check coming in. I really like the 2 day free shipping option. Though I might just pay for the year and be done with it. I don’t know. I will decide in a few weeks which way to go.

I got the reading done and actually read more than 10 pages because it was a very interesting read. I am learning about Adler’s psychology and it’s interesting that he thought of “holism” back during the times of Freud. He wanted to treat the whole person, not just the diagnosis. His concepts are not that far off and more psychology people are into this type of psychology, an integration of mind and body kind of thing, though Adler didn’t exactly put it that way.

I had 5 shots of espresso in my soy latte. It was a bit strong but it did the trick. I am wide awake. I feel like I have energy so I might continue reading what I started as I do have a deadline to meet. It’s kind of exciting to be reading this knowing that I have a deadline. I feel like I am back in school or something. I know what I am doing might now mean much to the person that I am doing this for, but it means a lot to me to be learning something that I normally wouldn’t read, which is why I picked Adler over Freud. I do hope that I get this book when it is published but I will mostly likely buy it if I don’t get it. I am getting to be a bookaholic. I just seem to “buy” the books more than read them. Just like my composition notebooks. I buy them to have them, not really write in them, LOL. Which reminds me, school season is on the way so I wonder how many I will buy before September…

I had therapy today. I asked her if she knew anything about Adler and she said her memory was faint on the subject. It was a boring session. We didn’t talk about anything that we didn’t talk about the other day. Though we did talk about her upcoming birthday. She didn’t want to talk about it but I had to because if she wasn’t born, I probably wouldn’t be here or worse, be talking to some other shrink. She always seems to think my birthday is special so I kind of want the same for her. I still have her birthday gift which I probably won’t give her till I see her next. I thought about mailing it to her but I think that is kind of impersonal. I told her this weekend is Peal Jam weekend as they are playing at my favorite ballpark, Fenway Park. I wasn’t able to get tickets because they sold out in minutes, not that I had the money to begin with. It would have been great to go though. So I will have my own concert in my room, blaring my favorite Pearl Jam songs. There is just one album that is missing from my Pearl Jam collection. I have no idea when it came out. I think it was the album before their current one. It’s on my list of CDs to get. All my Pearl Jam albums are CDs except for the current album, Lightening Bolt. That one I bought digital, which I could make as a CD, if I really cared to.

I really can’t wait to show my sister the gift that I bought my brother in law, which is the Canadian stamps. It’s the first time buying anyone a Christmas gift in a LONG time. I just hope I don’t misplace it between now and then or put it in a “secret” spot and forget where that spot is. That would be terrible.

any thoughts?

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