Needed to go Out

Needed to go Out

I woke up late and made breakfast. Afterwards, I got a little antsy so I decided to go to Starbucks to do some journaling and then go to the meat market to get some ground beef and hamburgers. It was really humid out due to the thunderstorms passing through the area. I couldn’t wait to sit and freeze my ass off in Starbucks. I wrote for about an hour or so then left for the meat market. Surprisingly, my ankle didn’t conk out on me this time around.

When I got to the station, I paid for my T-Pass for the month and then waited for the bus. As I was waiting my niece came over so we talked as we waited. The bus was really late. Come to find out, it was the same bus that dropped me off in the Square. It started making noises as we headed off and at one point, was going slow as molasses. I thought it was going to break down. Luckily, we made it to our stop and went home.

I am really looking forward to making my meat sauce this weekend. I bought 2 lbs. of beef. It is going to be so yummy. I might use three cans of tomatoes as I have so much meat. I really need to go to Stop and Shop and get some containers so I can give some to my therapist when I see her Tuesday. I have no idea where I am going to put the extra sauce as our refrigerator is pretty full between my shopping and my mother’s. I had a hard time putting my stuff away, and I didn’t buy that much refrigerated things. Mostly just bought non-perishables, like cereals, tuna, crackers, etc. I did buy cauliflower because I have been dying to have some. My mother will be making it tonight with the fish she is making. She wanted to sauté it and I was like, you can do whatever you want with it. Just make it, LOL

I need to shower as I am so damn sweaty. The house is hotter than it is outside. I am stuck in my room cooling off as it’s the only room with AC. I should have had something to eat at Starbucks because I am starving. But I wasn’t hungry at the time. I thought about getting something sweet but they really didn’t have anything appealing to me, which is odd because I always find something I like.

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