A Thursday Post

A Thursday Post

I went out to meet a friend of mine for coffee. We talked for a couple of hours at Starbucks just catching up and talking about the adventures we had when we were younger. It was fun and I had a really good time. Then the bus stop was out of order so we had to walk a couple blocks to the next bus stop. My ankle didn’t like that one bit. I am now resting it and after going to the bathroom for the second time today, decided to take a full dose of meds because I am hurting severely. Damn ankle.

Looks like I won’t be having therapy today. I might call her to have a check in. Pain is driving me nuts but the music in my head is worse. When I see my psychiatrist tomorrow, I am going to ask her what I can do for it. I can’t go on with songs playing in my head all the time and shuffling. That is the worse part. Then when they stop playing, I am wondering where the music went. It’s frustrating me big time and I don’t need anymore frustration. I rather have commanding voices.

I made a tentative grocery list and it’s a whopping $160 so far. I don’t understand it. Most of it is baking stuff that I need for my pumpkin goodies. I bought like 3 of each item because I plan on making at least 3 things. Most of the other stuff are my stock items for the month, like cereal bars and bacon. Got to have BACON! I love making sandwiches with just bacon and cheese. I shouldn’t talk about food because I haven’t had anything to eat today other than a pumpkin muffin at Starbucks. I plan on getting a pastrami sandwich with fries. I am a fry addict. I suppose there are worse stuff to be addicted to. I just love food, which is why I am so overweight. But if you say the word “diet”, I immediately gain 5 pounds so might as well eat what I love.

I posted my sweaty Boston ball cap on Instagram last night. They were winning when I began wearing it. I have had this had for almost 10 years so it’s my lucky charm hat. It used to have a hand written AL East Champs 2007 on it but it wore off. Now you can barely make out 2007. It’s filthy but I don’t care. I love this hat and I hope it gets my team to the post season. We have won 7 in a row. But some jerk off spoiled it by saying “ they may never lose again”. So now I am nervous about tonight’s game. I hate when people say things like that because it always jinxes the team or person. Really bugs me.

I got a slow cooker recipe for Hawaiian chicken. I also bought stuff for that recipe. I am going to be a cooking machine next week. I plan on making the chicken first and then making my goodies over the weekend. It’s funny because on Facebook, my memory for today was the pumpkin cake. It was from three years ago.

One thought on “A Thursday Post

  1. eat what you want. life is too short to worry. I am overweight too. I watch what I eat but not to extremes. I just try to choose healthy sometimes. its hard. like you though say the word diet to me and I automatically gain weight, lol. xxx

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