Sunday Blog 21

Sunday Blog 21

My mother needed eggs so I went to the store to get some as they were on sale. She could have told me this when I went to the grocery store yesterday but she didn’t. Idiot. She makes me so mad because she just thinks that I am an able bodied person that can do things.

I still need to find a 10 inch pie plate to make my cake. I was going to use a square pan but it’s 11 inches and I think it would be too big. I am going to see if I can just get a disposable pan at Walgreens or the dollar store.

My brother in law took out my AC this morning. I am glad because there is going to be possible snow tomorrow. Figures because I was planning on going to the Museum of Fine Arts. I still haven’t figured out how to get to the green line to get there. I guess I will have to take the bus to the orange line and then transfer. That will be the easiest way. But it means no Starbucks. I will have to make it at home. I made it today and it was perfect. The half and half was good and didn’t curdle.

My mother made a stir fry for dinner instead of stuffed chicken breasts. I like the stir fry better so I am glad she made it. She also made baked potatoes. I usually add salt and butter to it but tonight I couldn’t be bothered so just ate it plain. It was okay. I am not a huge baked potato fan. I usually like them mashed or in a salad of some sort. My favorite is when my mother makes them in a vinegar salad. I think it’s healthier than with mayonnaise or mashed.

Before dinner, I laid down because I was feeling really sleepy. My mother called just when I was about to hit some deep sleep so I feel kind of groggy. So of course, my ankle has decided to flare up. I am so sick of being in pain. If it wasn’t Thanksgiving this week, I might attempt. I just don’t care anymore. I need to go to the pharmacy tomorrow and fill my prescription. I wish it was a lethal dose of doxepin. Fat chance of ever getting that again. I will drop it off before heading to the museum, if the weather permits.

Now that I know my mother isn’t going to be calling me so I can take my pain meds and head toward oblivion. Least I hope to. Never know with chronic pain. I filled my med box this morning as I was up early to allow my brother in law access to my AC. I still have three hours before I can take them. So damn long. I think I am going to crash and hope that it doesn’t keep me up all night. Sometimes I can wake up from a nap, take my meds, and then fall back to sleep. I know I have been up and down the stairs most of the day, which doesn’t help my ankle pain. I need a shower but it’s not happening tonight. I have been running hot and cold all day today, not mood wise but feeling wise. I was wicked hot when I came back from the store and then I was freezing cold when I went to make my lunch. I just couldn’t get warmed up. Now I am feeling hot again. I was wearing my new Nebraska fleece pullover. It was warm and the sleeves are too long for me (I am short so men’s XL’s don’t always fit right). I was disappointed it didn’t have pockets. But I love it just the same. Now I just have to get a Nebraska hat and I will be set.

One thought on “Sunday Blog 21

  1. I hate when I feel hot and cold and cant regulate my temp. i’m sorry your mom is treating you like an able bodied person. she seems to depend on you a lot for things. that must get annoying. xxx


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