cold and shitty weather

Cold and shitty weather

It’s raining today. I am glad because the weatherman said we were supposed to get snow. I am feeling like crap. I slept for most of the day, until I had a bad dream and then my sister fake called me. The phone rang. I picked up but no one was there. It’s only day 1 of this stupid cold and I hate it already. I want it to go away, now. My nose won’t stop running or being stuffy. There is no in between.

I was supposed to call my psychiatrist today but decided not to because I am feeling crappy. I sent her the blog I wrote yesterday about Thanksgiving. I said I was going to anyways. If I felt better, I would go to the pharmacy to pick up my scripts. But it’s kind of nasty out so forget it.

I got a text giving me a window for my grocery delivery. It’s coming late. All I want to do is sleep. I don’t even want to put away the damn groceries. I have no fucking energy. Just thinking about it makes me want to hide under the covers. All I had to eat today was pudding pie. I think that is going to be my dinner as well. I really don’t want real food, though I might make some soup later.

I don’t know where I picked up this stupid cold. Only person that has been sick near me is my crazy aunt. I saw her two weeks ago for my sister’s birthday party. She wasn’t feeling good then. Damn bitch. She should have stayed home.

After I made a cup of tea and had my pie, I went up to my room. I started playing on my laptop and then my foot exploded. Fuck. Seriously? I haven’t done a damn thing all day. I took one pain pill because I didn’t want to be drugged when my grocery comes. It would be very bad if I slept through the text saying they were here. I hope the rain stops by then. I bought some ground beef so I can make a shepard’s pie this weekend. I haven’t made it in so long. I usually end up eating the whole thing by myself over the course of a couple days. My mother doesn’t like it. My niece might have some as she likes it.

If I feel up to it tomorrow, I will page my psych. I really just want to touch base with her. I see her next week, least I hope to. I just hope this cold doesn’t get worse or my throat gets affected. It really sucks when you live with a deaf person and you have a sore throat. The last time I was sick with a sore throat I ended up with laryngitis because I was yelling for her to hear me. And she wouldn’t fucking take me writing on shit. She wanted to test my vocals. Bitch.

Monday I have the appointment with my repro endo doc at the fucking crack of dawn (0830). I will have to leave my house at 0700 so I can get my coffee and possibly write, though I doubt it. I am not a morning person so I will probably just have my coffee and breakfast. I will bring my bag with me just in case I want to write after the appointment. I hope this dumb cold is gone by then, but probably not. If I don’t write, I will just come home and sleep. I just hope I don’t have Painsomnia the night before. That will suck.

Nebraska is playing Iowa right now. If I felt up to it, I would be watching the game. It’s kind of weird they are playing on a Friday. Tomorrow, OSU plays Michigan, a rival team. I found one of my Twitter buddies love OSU and I am happy about that. Now we can talk football in addition to our chronic pain. Through one of my other Twitter buddies, I found a chronic pain/illness support chat. I never seem to catch it when it starts. I will have to ask my OSU Twitter friend when it is so I can participate more. It would be nice to build a support group.

4 thoughts on “cold and shitty weather

  1. I’ll try and help you out as much as I can with the chats. They can be triggering as there is usually one person that likes to go on and on about themselves that have nothing to do with chat.

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  2. glad you found the chat and made new friends too along the way. I am going to try out some chats I think. i’ll have to tweet and see how people know about them. xx


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