round the clock pain

Round the clock pain

Since early this morning, I have been in pain. I have diligently been taking my pain meds around the clock. The only time I wasn’t in pain was a brief window between 1900 and 2030. Then I started feeling zaps and the pain returned.

I had a light supper, just a bowl of soup. It was more water than a broth. Then I had some cookies and felt satisfied. A couple hours later, I started to feel bloated. I hadn’t had anything to eat or drink so I didn’t know why this was. My niece called me and said she had some tiramisu for me so I went downstairs to have it. BIG mistake. The bloating got worse and my stomach has been off kilter the past few hours. I thought it might be gas so I took some Mylanta. It helped some but not all. Then my pain spiked. Now I don’t think I can get to sleep despite being tired. I took my fourth dose of pain pills for the day, which is unusual as I usually only need three. But the pain is bad.

While I was waiting for the Mylanta to work, I decided to do some reading. I didn’t want to read as I finished the Lincoln Boys and thought I was done. But I left off in the middle of the chapter and I hate that so I decided to finish just that chapter. I am now reading “Dark Tide”. It’s about the molasses flood that happened in Boston in 1919. I find Boston’s history interesting.

I am very surprised that despite taking my pain meds, I didn’t nap once during the entire day. Usually, I sleep all day. Maybe my psychiatrist is right and I am getting more used to the meds than I thought I was. I didn’t think it was going to happen to me but it has, much to my dismay.


  1. Nowadays there are strains of cannabis that have virtually no THC in them and therefore no psychoactive effects, just the beneficial anti-inflammatory cannabinoids. There are two main subspecies of cannabis: Cannabis Sativa, which tends to be speedy and can cause severe anxiety, and Cannabis Indica, which is sedating and has huge pain relieving properties. The non-psychoactive strains are CBD-rich and are used in children for seizure disorders. The most famous ones of those are Charlotte’s Web and Medibud. They can be taken as vaporized flower, tincture, or even transdermal patches. You can make infused oil and bake with it (you like to bake!), or if you’re really determined, you can make it into capsules, which is a lot of work but a whole lot cheaper than buying canna-caps. I’ve done a lot of “kitchen cannabis chemistry.” It’s fun and I enjoy the pain relieving results!

    A good place to learn about how to use medicinal cannabis is Green Flower Media.


  2. couple of question about MMJ is it pill form or do you smoke it? I had a bad reaction to MJ when I was a teen, which is why I stay away from the stuff. Even a contact high will send me into a suicidal crisis that is more severe than my regular crises. sending love back at ya


  3. Maybe it’s time to try medical cannabis. You have it in your state. That’s the only thing I ever use for pain. I take it on a schedule and it helps better than anything short of general anesthesia.

    I use a high CBD strain that does not produce much of a buzz at all. The CBD medicine is a neuroantiinflammatory. It calms all of my nerves and helps my mood.

    I wonder if you are having the paradoxical pain that’s so hyped in the anti-opioid press these days. I had thought that was a fiction, but maybe not 😦

    Sending warm thoughts and love….


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