New Year’s Eve 2016

New Year’s Eve 2016

I have been waiting all day for my phone to turn back on. I was told by the insurance person that it would take 24 hours. Well it’s been more than that and my phone hasn’t been turned on yet. And of course the office is closed because it’s Saturday. But the lady assured me “we work on Saturday”. Yea, my ass. I have just turned my phone off and will wait ten minutes to turn it back on again. If it’s not on, there is going to be holy hell on Tuesday. I hate being without my damn phone.

I woke up in pain around 0530 and am still in pain. I didn’t do anything except order Chinese food. I really wanted pork fried rice. I wasn’t crazy about the orange chicken I got. It was good but it wasn’t as crispy as it should be. I mostly just had the rice, crab rangoons, and chicken fingers. The egg roll was disgusting. Won’t be ordering that again.

I plan on watching Home Alone tonight. I haven’t watched it in a few years. I love that movie. If I am still up and not tired, I might watch It’s a Wonderful Life again. That movie never gets old for me.

OSU is playing tonight. I don’t know if I am going to watch the game. It’s their final game but I am in pain and really don’t want to be downstairs watching in the kitchen. I will just have to keep up on my laptop. I usually watch in my mother’s room but she is sick and I don’t want to catch her cold.

I still have no service on my phone. I am going to flip out on the service agent Tuesday. I bet, though, as I am ranting my service will be on and I won’t know it. Cause you know that is how it works.

I am in such an aggravated mood. It’s really hot in my room which isn’t helping matters. I am in shorts and have the ceiling fan on. I am cool but not that cool to go under the blankets, though my ankle is not liking the cool air. I am so tired of being in pain. I wanted to go to Walgreens today for chocolate. I should have got it last night but I wasn’t thinking. My mother wanted me to get her somethings and that distracted me. I start my diet on Monday. I think I have enough shakes for a while. I know I have enough snacks to last me at least two weeks. I also have yogurt so I can have some thing other than puddings and applesauce. It is going to be a long three weeks. I also bought some protein bars that are pretty good. I need to get some more as I have been having them in the middle of the night when I am hungry or when I wake up early in the morning and don’t feel like making something.

I didn’t make coffee today. I woke up at noon after I fell back to sleep around 6. I just didn’t feel like making it. Other than a glass of Pepsi, I don’t think I have had anything to drink today. I have been trying to drink more water but I leak and I hate it because I never know when I am full until it’s too late. I don’t know how I am going to do on this liquid diet where I drink 5 shakes a day. We’ll see.

I am wishing all of you a very Happy and safe New Year. Hope 2017 is better for you.

any thoughts?

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