Friday Feeling

Friday Feeling

I woke up in a good mood. I made breakfast and then waited an hour for the next bus to the Square. I wrote in my journal and only had 4 shots of espresso as 5 was giving me anxiety. After I wrote and finished my coffee, I went to my PCP’s office to pick up my prescription and then went to the pharmacy. I wanted a burrito but I was tired and didn’t feel like walking over.

When I came home, I checked to see if fricken UPS delivered the stupid replacement phone so I could turn my phone on. It did and I was thankful. Then I spent an hour trying to get my phone turned on. It took me I don’t know how many tries with my insurance company and Sprint. They were both piggy backing each other. I was getting so annoyed. Then I started getting hungry and I was even more agitated. I didn’t get anywhere. I have to wait 24 hours for my phone to be turned back on. I asked if it would still work because tomorrow is Saturday and I really don’t want to wait till Tuesday. There will be hell to pay if I have to wait till then.

My proof came in and it looks okay. I have one blank page and the title page is not on the side I want it but it’s okay. I am not going to be fussy about it because trying to fix it might screw up the rest of the book. If you would like to purchase it the link is

It’s available as a paperback and Kindle. I am really excited about this. I wish I could let my therapist know about it but my damn phone is off and I can’t text her. I am so annoyed. I hate not having text availability.

Ankle so far hasn’t been too much trouble. I guess yesterday’s hell was because of the weather. It was kind of icy today but the sun melted most of it in places. I was scared of black ice as I was walking home from Walgreens because the lighting is poor on the side street I need to go down. But it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t wear my brace because it was a short walk and I didn’t want to put the contraption on for a block and a half. It was really cold though, with the wind it brought the temps down even colder after the sun went down. I went after the sun went down because my prescription had a long wait and I didn’t want to wait. But I needed my meds so I went later.

I turned the heat on to less than 70 and my room is a sauna. I didn’t bother to put on PJs. I am too hot for them. I got to turn the ceiling fan because I feel like I am going to go into heat exhaustion soon. I had to turn the heat up because my mother is sick and she felt cold. The house was cold as I turned the heat down last night when she went to bed. I bought her some cold medicine. I hope it makes her feel better. She really isn’t feeling well and I just worry. She didn’t eat her supper. I hope she didn’t give herself her insulin because that won’t be good. I really don’t want to call an ambulance because her sugar tanks. I am already on edge because I know a virus can fluctuate sugar levels. And I can’t fucking call her because my phone is useless so I need to go downstairs to check on her.

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